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e3 2013

Just watched the Microsoft Press Conference. Looks like there are some pretty sweet exclusives. A selling point of 500 Dollars and a release date of November. Still undecided which next-next gen console to go with. Hopefully the Sony press conference will have some tasty titles to show off.

Revisiting Old Favourites

With lots of new stuff coming out like Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 and no money, it's a perfect time to revisit an old favourite. This week Battlefield Bad Company. Now I say old favourite, but I guess it isn't that old. Played through the campaign and some multiplayer forgot; how much I enjoyed that game!

Anyways, if you ever find yourself unable to get the new stuff or bored of your current game, try reliving an older favourite. All you need is a few months away from it and it comes back like an old friend.

Gearing up for a sequel? Go back and play the original. Nothing gets me more pumped up for a new release like playing the original. Couple weeks back I played through Bioshock and totally loved it! My roommate is playing Assassin's Creed 1! Sometimes we get caught up in all the new releases and forget about the great games that we used to play. Heck, every now and then I play goldeneye N64!

What games would replay?

PS3 Slim

Just watched the new video on the slimer PS3. Looking pretty nice, a little more compact, and 100 bucks cheaper! I've got a 360 now and I love it, but with this new version of the PS3 out, maybe it's time to expand my horizons and pick one up. I've been really eager to get my hands on some PS3 exclusive stuff (killzone 2, metal gear, drake's fortune, and so on).

What do you think?

Fable 2 bit of a letdown

Once you get past the initial meh, the game gets pretty good, fun weapons, spells and quests. landscapes are huge and beautiful giving you the freedom to explore and free roam like you never could in fable 1. Everyone thinks the story is crap, I thought the story was pretty good, except for the ending of the game(worst boss battle ever!!). I got the special edition which was supposed to come with some bonus in game stuff, which I cannot find, I'm pretty sure the content was taken out!?

Anyways it's a solid game that you'll want to play thru a few times, but dont get the special edition, it's not worth it, anything on the bonus disc you can watch online.