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Bad Night!!!!

Hey, anyone who visits the forums often knows that MDK12345 makes constant threads of complete garbage and drivel. More and more awful threads are flooding our forums too, 3 threads were locked yesterday for being pointless.

I've been replying in his threads with cat memes, usually implying everytime he creates a shitty thread a kitten/cat dies.

Read below what happened to me last night,

This actually happened let me explain........

Driving home form work yesterday about 23:30, I saw what I thought was roadkill in the middle of the road, I swerved around to avoid it incase it wasn't then I looked in my rear view mirror and seen a cat get up then fall back down.

I turned back around and pulled over to check on the cat, it was badly injured it looked like it had been hit by a car and the driver just drove on.

It was a Tomcat, black and white, he was well groomed so was likely a pet, had no collar on him though. Anyway he was trying to stand but his legs gave out, he was frothing a little at the mouth and I could see blood from his mouth too.

He was breathing erratically and heavily, he was obviously in a lot of pain and was distressed.

First thing I did was gently moved him off the main road so he wouldn't get hit by another car and called the RSPCA 24 Hour line. When I got through to an operator they said they could not come to help but If I could get the cat to a vet located about 20 minutes away from my location then that vet might be able to help.

The RSPCA notified the Vet that I was on my way and I picked the cat up and put him on my back seat to drive the Vet, when I got the there they took the Cat in and I went home.

I called the Vet in the morning and they told me they put the cat down, not really surprising because he was badly injured with what looked like two broken back legs and internal bleeding. This Story is true it happened to me last night I'm still a little shaken up and distressed by it. Seeing an animal suffer is horrible and I've played the blame game with myself over it, thinking if I acted quicker a vet might have had more of chance to save its life.

Although I'm not even sure they would do any serious treatment to save it, as we don't know who its owners are, there is only so much a Vet will do without payment.

I hope I done the right thing anyway.

I'll stop the cat meme thing out of respect for real cats, it would be nice if MDK12345 would show the same respect and stop making SHIT threads of drivel.