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College/I'm back!

In 20 days I'll start the next step of my life as a college freshman. Also, after 2 years of absence, I'm pleased to say that I'll (probably) have more time to hang here! :)


Ah, friday. the 2ndbest day besides saturday. Cause' of these friggin'quizes i had 2 study 4, i didn't have time for games.....Until now. :)

Why theres no blogs...

My crappy computer is bein a retard so i haven't been able to post blogs lately. Anyway, high school's goin great. And I got "the world ends with you" (the best DS game EVER) and "kirby mass attack", and more for christmas. Pretty good games.

Dark Souls?

I know that ur gonna be shocked when I asked this, but can someone tell me what the heck Dark Souls is?(I don't have a Xbox360 or ps3, only a wii and DS)If my bandmates won't shut up about, it must be good.

BULLCRAP!/ Band competition

My 4-year data of my pokemon pearl was stupidly deleted bya "friend". My almost perfect setlist is gone. In other news, I'm leaving for my 3rd band competition in about 20 minutes.

Sophomore year/ battle me!

So now that i'm REALLY in the high school year, I'm gonna be super busy. Not only that, but I desperately need new games and/or people to battle when i get a break.Again, if you have guitar heros 3-6(for the wii), pokemon pearl/diamond, super smash bros.brawl, or mariokart wii, gimme your nickname,friend code,or etc.


The band and I r gonna do a concert tomorrow and go on a trip to six flags, where we're gonna march a parade in a couple of days. But that doesn't mean i'm 2 busy to play video games. In fact, I beat pokemon pearl today.


I'm bored,so if you have one of the following games below lemme know,k?

1. Mario Kart Wii

2.Super Smash Bros.Brawl

3.pokemon diamond/pearl(i have pearl)

4.Guitar heros 3-5(on the wii)

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