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New Phliosiphy, And Blog Pic

Well yesterday I came to a faint realization, I needed a new Blog Image, So I was looking for something that could define me, wether it was a saying, or a certain image, But while I was looking for my defining feature, I was making a new sig, And I had just finished puting my name on it, and I looked at the name, And my eyes suddenly floated across the two most noticable letters. R and E, now I new I couldnt just make RE my defining feature, so I had to find a meaning for them.

It was soon after when I rememberd something I said a long time ago. "in life there are no open doors, man, You just have to find your random exit" and there it was Random Exit. In like everyone is constantly looking for a way out, weather its from a job, school, or something more permanint like death, We are always searching for that one open door to walk through. And this door, no matter where it leads, it is our random exit.

So now RE will be a big part of my personality here on GS.

Sorry for the long blog.