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300 Posts, And a new Gig

Well I reached 300 posts yesterday, and i'm at 340 now. plus I just got back from another gig. Playin at a skaterink, We got a good ovation, And had a good time.

We started with a little Disturbed (The Game/Ten Thousand Fists/And Overburdend). Than we played a few our own songs(Go,Going,Gone/Hollow Glass/ The Chosen/and Numb) And the crowd really liked our songs, which was a relief to me, I was worried they wouldn't like them.

After we were done playing, We stayed around and chated with the people, Then we skated.

All in all it was a good night

New Gig Done

Just got back from a band gig, And damn my voice hurts, But at least I had fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music. And were playin there again next week. Plus $400 aint bad

Great Movie

I just got to watch Advent Children, And It was a pretty good movie, It had the best fight scenes Ive ever seen. It did have flaws, But hell I haven't seen a movie yet that didnt have at laest one flaw.