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the_unbroken Blog

Bad New's

I will be temporarily unactive on Gamespot. I've recently found out that my mother has taken ill, she is very sick. But the good thing is that its something that doctars cure often, its not cancer or liukimia, thank god. But she is going to need help because eventhough it rare, this sickness is sometimes fatal, and I dont need that, so I will be taking care of her for a while untill she gets better. Plus with work, I will be very unactive on Gamespot, I will still come on ocasionally to see how my union is going and to do my job as an officer in the unions I'm still an officer in, I've allready had to resign from the FFU.

FFU Officer And 900 posts

Well its officiel, I AM an officer in the FFU, :) And also I got 900 posts. Which is wierd, I haven posted in any blogs, But every time I post in the forums, my posts go up, It didnt do this before, is it a glitch or something

What The Hell

Ok this is strange, I just went in to the FFU and started posting, I posted quite a bit, because it had been a while since I've been in there, next thing I know, I get a message saying that I was promoted to Officer. I'm so confused, and happy, But It was probably a mistake, so it wont last to long.

I Hate My Internet Provider

It seems like every time I turn on the computer and go online, My internet is temporarily out, It doesnt last very long, but it happens a lot, and each time I get worried that it is going out all together.

I have a cable connection, and I like the fact that I can surf the web faster, but It always goes out and I'm really getting pissed