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the_unbroken Blog

Wont Be On

I wont be on for the rest of the weekend, I've got to work a double shift, so I'll see you when I get back.

Heero Yuy Sig

Well I just finished another sig, And I like it alot, I misspelled part of the lettering, But people know what Its saying.

Make sure you tell me waht you think, And also try to find were I used the smudge tool this time :P

LuBu Update

Ok, I completly redid the sig, check it out.

I used a smudge tool around the borders of each pic, I think it gives it a more intense look, Especilly LuBu.

Another Link Sig

After making that last one I thought I would try something a bit diffirent, And I created probably my best sig yet.

I think it looks great, And I made it so that should tell you something, Because I am my own worst critic.