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the_unbroken Blog

What A Night

Ah finaly, Just got Home From The Gig, My first one. I think we did really well, Every one was on there feet, We started with Ten Thousand Fists(Disturbed) then we played one of our own songs entitled Explode,Then we did a song from Three Days Grace, called Just Like You, then Dead Bodies Everyware(Korn). After that we played a few more songs, And then Finished with another of our own named Hallow Glass. Well thats about it, But we have another one next week, if you live in Dallas Texas And hear about a Band named Tortured Thats us. This IS Damian the Vocalist Signing out.

Back to the good

I just recentally started playin final Fantasy 8 again, I never get tired of this game, I must have beat it 100 times. Ive even gotten all strongest weapons on the first disc, well most of them any way 

Leveling Up

Damn it sure does take a while to level up, and Im at a lower level. Oh well Ill just keep writing reviews.

Kingdom Hearts 2

I just beat Begginer mode, and I must say Im happy with the over all game . It was a nice finish to the series. Im gettin ready to start normal mode, and Im goin for the extra ending. Ill keep every one posted 

if you dont like it dont playit

This is mostly aimed towords Magusat999 I read your reviewabout FFX and althoug i do agree with you in some aspects(like the length) I just have to say it IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT PLAY IT.