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50 Hours and Dirty Sites

Man this last week was harsh, I had to work 50 hours this week, And my boss is an ass so it sucked.

It started on Monday, I got a phone call from my boss telling me that I had to work 50 hours this week because we were low on workers, I figured ok thats cool I can pull that off, I'll just have to get on GS and tell my unions that I'll be gone, no problem.

At least thats what I thought, Untill I turned on my PC and the damn computer was wigging out, at first I though "Ok it caught a virus, I'll check it out later. So I went to work.

Got home and did the usual virus stoping motions, oh and if your wondering I always get viruses but I got the best hard were to deal with them.

I start the test, go fix me a bag of Pizza Rolls, and wait, for like three hours, Man it was slow, SO I go and watch som TV, Finaly I notice that its done *yes*, so I go over to the screen and start reading.

"No Imediate Threats Were Found" not possible, that means its something else. So I figure I'll wait untill the next day, cause its 3 in the morning and I had to get up at 7.

So I go to work the next day, and get home and work on it some more, this went on all week untill Friday evining.

Finally on Saturday I decided I'd just reload windows, so I did, and OH YEAH it worked, But now I have to reload every single plug in that I had on my HardDrive, I had to down load Gimp again, so All my pictures were gone.

after I fixed It I decided I wanted to know what happend, so I ask my new roomate that moved in last weekend, and he said "well I was searching the web, and I was looking at some sites" That right there told me what happend, Its happend because he was on the DAMN PORNAGRAPHIC SITES, and the PC got a lot of Tracking cookies, and was messing everything up.

I just lost it, I was screaming and everything, I mean I dont care if he wants to go bye a dirty movie, hell I'll watch it to, But you dont look at it on my PC, I dont even get on those sites.

But I let it go, cause I fixed it and its ok now, plus he's going to get his own PC in 3 days so He can look that smut up on that.

Sorry fo the long blog, But I have been off of GS for a week and my fingures need to type lol.