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the_unbroken Blog

Ok, now I'm really back

Well with my last post I guess I was a bit of a liar. I had a few things to do as far as my job and other things, But anyway, I'm back. Now just to warn everyone I'm not going to be as active as I was before the whole thing began, But I will at least be here a few times a week.

I will not be joining anyones union, so don't send any invites.

Anyway, For the most part everything is back to normal. I'm not going to take back the Final Fantasy Universe Union. and Gamergirl, it was dead before I left  the first time, it wasn't your fault. It was my incompetence as a leader. I tried to make it work but perhaps I'm not the best candidate for a leader. So don't beat yourself up over the death of the union.

DX Sig

Well I just got done watching Sumerslam, And I felt inspired to create a new sig for myself. Its entitled Are You Ready.

Now before I show it to you let me tell you a few things, Yes I do know that Wrestiling is Fake, I'm not one of those mindless people that thinks its all real. So dont say something like "You Know Wrestilings Fake Wright"

Tell me what you think.......And Remember If you dont like it, I got two words for ya...............*Crowd* Suck It

lol just kiddin

New Profile Banner Disturbed

I just finished a new Profile Banner, But as always I chose a bad spot for the lettering, I can barily see the "Then" But oh well, it still works.

Tell me what you think.

50 Hours and Dirty Sites

Man this last week was harsh, I had to work 50 hours this week, And my boss is an ass so it sucked.

It started on Monday, I got a phone call from my boss telling me that I had to work 50 hours this week because we were low on workers, I figured ok thats cool I can pull that off, I'll just have to get on GS and tell my unions that I'll be gone, no problem.

At least thats what I thought, Untill I turned on my PC and the damn computer was wigging out, at first I though "Ok it caught a virus, I'll check it out later. So I went to work.

Got home and did the usual virus stoping motions, oh and if your wondering I always get viruses but I got the best hard were to deal with them.

I start the test, go fix me a bag of Pizza Rolls, and wait, for like three hours, Man it was slow, SO I go and watch som TV, Finaly I notice that its done *yes*, so I go over to the screen and start reading.

"No Imediate Threats Were Found" not possible, that means its something else. So I figure I'll wait untill the next day, cause its 3 in the morning and I had to get up at 7.

So I go to work the next day, and get home and work on it some more, this went on all week untill Friday evining.

Finally on Saturday I decided I'd just reload windows, so I did, and OH YEAH it worked, But now I have to reload every single plug in that I had on my HardDrive, I had to down load Gimp again, so All my pictures were gone.

after I fixed It I decided I wanted to know what happend, so I ask my new roomate that moved in last weekend, and he said "well I was searching the web, and I was looking at some sites" That right there told me what happend, Its happend because he was on the DAMN PORNAGRAPHIC SITES, and the PC got a lot of Tracking cookies, and was messing everything up.

I just lost it, I was screaming and everything, I mean I dont care if he wants to go bye a dirty movie, hell I'll watch it to, But you dont look at it on my PC, I dont even get on those sites.

But I let it go, cause I fixed it and its ok now, plus he's going to get his own PC in 3 days so He can look that smut up on that.

Sorry fo the long blog, But I have been off of GS for a week and my fingures need to type lol.

New Phliosiphy, And Blog Pic

Well yesterday I came to a faint realization, I needed a new Blog Image, So I was looking for something that could define me, wether it was a saying, or a certain image, But while I was looking for my defining feature, I was making a new sig, And I had just finished puting my name on it, and I looked at the name, And my eyes suddenly floated across the two most noticable letters. R and E, now I new I couldnt just make RE my defining feature, so I had to find a meaning for them.

It was soon after when I rememberd something I said a long time ago. "in life there are no open doors, man, You just have to find your random exit" and there it was Random Exit. In like everyone is constantly looking for a way out, weather its from a job, school, or something more permanint like death, We are always searching for that one open door to walk through. And this door, no matter where it leads, it is our random exit.

So now RE will be a big part of my personality here on GS.

Sorry for the long blog.

Wicked Disturbed/Korn Sig, I call it Merger Of Thrash

This is probably my favorite creation yet, The pics and stuf are pretty simple, But what makes it great is the way I did the font, It is going to be my calling card from now on. The E and R are backwards.

So from now on when you see a sig for me, this is how my font will look on my name.

Frank Frazetta, And the Axeman

Just made a new sig, its off of some pics from my favorite artist Frank Frazetta. He did comics, paintings, and more when he was alive many years ago, the Paintings he was most famous for, or the ones that he considered his best work, were of the Death Dealer, or as some call him The Axeman.

I was just inspired to make this sig, Its not nearly as good as some of my others, infact its quite simple, But I didnt want to do to much to the Pic, because it would have ruind the art.

Anyway, say whatever you want about it, But I like it.