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The twisted brain-wrong of a one-off man-mental

well f**k me in the cheek, i'm back!

oh nobody cares, oh well......anyway

- I was masterbating the other day when i got the worst headache i have ever had in my life, i thought my brain was being raped by a biker. so all week i've had a series of headaches but now i'm back in top form.

- Oh yeah, I finished alone in the dark. i was happy with it even thought the controls are s**t I was close to getting the full 1000 points but xbox is crap. I think the total was 905.

- my xbox is dead and for an odd reason, i dont really care. i cant help but feel like i've been bummed by microsoft.

- I have a job for the next three yeah

Thats it.


Grahics And bad music jams

so my portsmouth week starts tuesday (12th april 2007).

so i go down on the tuesday and meet my brother at the station, work all day on a new design project.

then go jam with the minutes.

thursday gonna see ricky gervais live

drink abit, i hope to get quite drunk, and play some games long into the nights

then home, by the end of it i should have enough for my HD TV.

thats it.