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A lot of dousing....and...forget it.

Well I've stopped playing WoW recently, for personal reasons.  Instead I've been playing Gears of War on xbox live a lot (my gamertag is Surmanek9864 if you wanna add me) and today I just started playing Gunz (, which is a free 3rd person shooter.  I played it with a couple friends today and it's a blast for just....well, free!

A lot of burning. And crusading.

What can I say? World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade has once again taken over my life, I'm currently level 64 questing in Terokkar Forest...there's just so much to do!  I also moved my router into my room so no more lag issues, which is always a good thing.  I also hooked up my xbox 360 to the router, so I can play xbox live soon.

Battlefield 2142.

Well I've been playing 2142 recently a lot, around 20 hours in the past week.  I've been playing with capthunt a lot, yeah we own da battlefield :P.  If you want to add me in game, my name is Surmanek.  I like 2142 more than BF2 because it balances out things more, such as vehicles (tanks are no long omfg run vehicles), and the walker is a nice addition.  There are good infantry maps and wide open ones as well.  The new mode (titan) has potential, but just needs to be tweaked to fix some of the exploits.

World. Of. Warcraft, among other things.

Well I haven't been on Gamespot recently for a couple of reasons.  First of all, gamespot has decided not to load for me very often, so that doesn't help.  Second, my computer has been messing up a lot recently, so it's had to be taken away for repairs (on mom's computer at the moment), but the #1 reason...WoW.  Say what you would like about this game but I love it and there's nothing you can do to change that <3.  I don't care about it's pay to play, I barely even remember it costs money, and it's not very much ($15 a month).  I have a 60 nelf rogue in an MC raiding guild (not very many epics though), allakhazam link can be found in my sig.  Since my computer has been crapping out though, I've actually been playing my XBOX 360.  I just beat Perfect Dark Zero, and am now play Burnout: Revenge.  I think BR is really fun, good way to get the stress out :wink:

HD Crash.....

Well the last couple days, my comp. has been messing up royally....whenever it starts up, it just freezes completely and it never unlocks. So I finally get my computer guy, and he claims I need a new HD. So I say sure what the hell, I was needing a bigger one (was 80 gigs, getting 160+ gigs), but it still sucks, I'm gonna have to re-install all my stuff :(. But I asked my computer guy if he had photoshop CS2, and he said yes and asked if I wanted it, and what did I say? "Talkabout hellz yeah!!" Alas, most of the games I play are MP, but games like F.E.A.R, and FarCry, I'm going to have to re-do up to the point I was....kinda sucks. I haven't been able to play any games for the last couple days, and it ain't too pleasant...I hope that I didn't get kicked out of the Guild I got in in WoW!!! :P. I'm posting this on mom's comp., and it's not even worth it to install anything it's so slow....well until next time, later!

World. Of. Warcraft.

Well it was my Birthday on the 17th ( w00p w00p!!) and I got like $ guess what I decided to get....World. of. Warcraft. And I must say, it is fun as hell! I was very optomistic about the $15 a month, but I decided since it was my b-day, what the hell. When I started playing, I was addicted. Right now I am a level 11 Night Elf Rogue, and just got to Darkshore...and I have like lots 'o money....30 or so silver I think. Well, you may not see as much of me anymore!

Screw that series thing

I've decided that I don't want to do that tales of the kraminator #<number> thing anymore. Well, recently I've gotten a 1.6 addiction, but I can't fulfill it because of school. Booooo. I made a new sig today.

Tell me what you think....rate it, suggestions, etc....
Well that's really all for now, later baller haters

The Tales of THE KRAMINATOR!!!! #3

Well, I've recently got into photoshop CS2....and by recently I mean today (8-15-05). I made some joke ones, but I've been recently working on a serious one. Well here it is so far:
*old pic*
I think it's pretty cool, but I just need some new fonts. If anyone could suggest some good ones to me, I would greately appreciate it. Tell me what you guys think of it so far! (keep in mind it's my first serious one)
EDIT: I finished the sig, and you can either check it out in my profile, or if you're too lazy just look here

The Tales of THE KRAMINATOR!!!! #2

I don't know about you, but I despise when people feel the need to spell something over a messenger the wrong way. This doesn't happen on Gamespot too much (at least where I go) but on other sites it happens a lot. For example, "Gawd, hawt, kewl, lawl, g2g" For all of those words it is actually harder to add an extra letter to the word (with "g2g" it's harder to reach your finger up to the number place rather than the "t") when you type it. Why, you ask, then do these people type this way? I'll tell you
why, they're attention whores.

They think people will say, "Hey look, they spelt that word with an extra letter!! They're kewl!! TEEHEE I DID IT!!!" I know some people may have this reaction, but please, please stay strong and resist typing like this.

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