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The Snowman Cometh

Cajun is back again......sort of.

I just remembered I had an account on this site, I post on GameFAQ's Random Insanity board once in a while now. I think I'm just going to maintain a personal blog on this site.

Anyway, I'm kinda in transition right now. I haven't even really had time to play any video games recently. College is fun and all, but MAN. To put my feelings into perspective, I have read 11 books and written 4 papers in the past week. However, I finished my French homework early, and I have the next few days to do nothing more than be lazy. The only important thing I have to do is wash my clothes. Speaking of things I have to spend money on, my savings from working all summer are starting to wear thin. I'm even feeling the effects of the U.S. economic crisis.

Also, there is a girl in my English discussion that has a crush on me for some reason. So now I have a love interest on top of everything else.

Tennessee lost AGAIN today, this time to South Carolina. Oh, well. At least I still have the Titans to cheer on. Looks like we won't even get a bowl game this year. I love how they expect us students to buy tickets and leave at the end of the game.

That's pretty much all on what's been going on with me, how has it been going for you guys and girls? Rant and rave!

I'm finally going home!!!

After a long year, I'm finally going home! But it's a mixed blessing.

It is about 9:20 AM hare at the University of Tennessee, my last final exam is at 12:40, and I'm going home around 11 PM tonight. Before coming here, I would have never thought that I would even be remotely homesick, but I have managed to stay up here through every break with the exception of Winter Break. This "time off" will be good for me.

I have "time off" in quotation marks because my situation truly is a mixed blessing. I go home (Memphis, TN) today, truly go home (White Castle, Louisiana) on the 21st of this month, I'm getting my new car (YESSSS!!!) on July 7th, and have to return to UT for Summer School (second session) on July 8th. The difference between the end of my summer session and the start of the 2007-2008 school year is only one week. As you can see, I will hardly have time to relax.

Needless to say, I won't be around Gamespot much.

But before I go, I have a question for you:


See ya!


Cajun is back..........sort of.

Well, I haven't written one of these things in a REALLY  long time, so I think that it's high time for an update.

I am beginning the second semester of my freshman year at UT Knoxville. it is great now, but I can't even begin to imagine the stress that will come later to haunt my dreams. I find it odd that classes have been going for a little over a week, and I still haven't recieved a homework assignment. I'm left wondering if this is an omen of lots of homework or a blessing. Either way, I'm worried. I'm not going to even start on exams.

---By the way, the Astronomy class I'm taking, Astronomy 151, is kicking my ass! It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't 2 HOURS LONG!---

Our Tennessee Vols (13-5) play the South Carolina Gamecocks (10-6) tomorrow at Thompson-Boiling arena, and I will be there. This event will be televised, so be sure to check it out if you have the time. We all know who is going to win this one. :wink:

Check out the Vols!

As for me personally, I am still being weathered by studying, going to classes, finding time to sleep and my shifting personal life. Some good news: I have excess money to spend, am yet to be sick, and IN COLLEGE! The bad news: I'm going to be away from Gamespot for a while longer, I'm nervous about my classes, and I'm still yet to find a girlfriend. Oh well, I think better things are yet to come for me.


Hmm, haven't been here in a while.....Here's what's been happening with me.

First of all, apparently I'm level 22 now, I got a new emblem, and I can make my posts orange again! This is great.

Tennessee plays Kentucky here tomorrow, but I'm not going. And it's our last home game, too. *insert crying smiley here*

Anyway, I went to Wal-Mart to get a Wii today. The strange part is that it was the last Wii the store had, and this kid and his mom (damn, she was cute) was were there, too. I asked the store clerk person to get the Wii so that I could buy it when suddenly this kid screams out "I wanted that! That's it, I challenge you to a Shaolin Showdown!"

I've never had a more serious "WTF" moment in my life than this. I thought he wanted to swordfight me or something. I just stood there confused until his mom said something, I forgot (she was cute as hell) and I let them buy the Wii.

When I got back to my dorm room, I googled "Shaolin Showdown" and saw that three links down there was the actual spelling and links to what is apparently a kids show. This was about 5 mins. ago. Needless to say, I'm still LOL'ing.

Well, at least I got Yoshi's Island DS.


I'm finally level 21, after 2 long months!

Well, seeing as how I can't make my font orange anymore I'll just use italics.

Anyway, I'm level 21 now! From Aug. 30 to Oct. 27 I have been trapped on Level 20. Now I'm level 21, Rescue Ranger.

Well, that's about it. See ya!

Go Big Orange!

Going crazy at the University of Tennessee (w/pictures)

The Volunteers won today, with a 35 to 18 victory over the California Golden Bears. Yeah. Everyone sucks but us. 8)

Well at any given moment today, I was either walking around campus taking pictures or sitting on my ass watching TV. I waited too late to get my ticket to the game, but I'll make it to the next one. No worries! :)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took.

If you want to see a picture of me, go to my website. I think it's in the "About Me" section.

More coming soon! :)

I miss Rebecca.................

Life kinda sucks now. I hate being single.

I read this and almost cried.


"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

now it looks as though they're here to stay

oh I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be

there's a shadow hanging over me.

Oh yesterday came suddenly

Why she had to go I don't know

she wouldn't say

I said something wrong now I long for yesterday

yesterday, love was such an easy game to play

now I need a place to hide away

Oh I believe in yesterday

Why she had to go I don't know

she wouldn't say

I said something wrong now I long for yesterday

yesterday, love was such an easy game to play

now I need a place to hide away

oh I believe in yesterday"



I have reached the infamous Level 20! And other random stuff!

I'm finally on level 20. I hear this is a mixed blessing. On the plus side, I am now a Gamespot elite, but the downside is the level 20 curse, which I've heard gives a 1% boost in level per day. Oh well, I'll make it to level 21 someday.

On a different note, you may have noticed the orange font I'm using. It was Tsuki's idea (*SIGH* Tsuki.........), and I wonder why I didn't think of it earlier. I mean, there's orange EVERYWHERE here. And besides, blue and orange don't mix.

Oh, and I also finally got my University of Tennessee e-mail account set up, so feel free to e-mail me. It's down there in the profile thingy somewhere.

And finally, on a personal level, me and my gf broke up. She constantly accuses me of cheating on her. I attend a Presbyterian church on campus. I'm pretty well known there, and being the giant flirt that I am, I flirt with some of the girls that go there. I bet you can guess what happened next. I'm okay, though.



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