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The Fragmentation of the Music Industry

Well, I finally became un-lazy enough to write a blog. I really hope somebody reads this, after I'm done with it. So, anyhow, I'll start this party of with a controversial question: Would The Rolling Stones [or any other big band] be as successful as they are if they broke out in today's music world? Well, my answer to that is that all the famous bands are a product of their time. The Beatles were hugely relevant in the 60s, beacuse of the message of their music, and the same can be said of Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Aerosmith, etc. for their respective times.

Does that mean they aren't relevant now? Of course not. People still love them. So the answer to the question: If the Stones started up right now, they would be a very different band. Most probably the biggest band of the current day is Radiohead, and look how unique their music is. This is because, just like any other field, music experiences innovation as the sands of time flow.

Now,is this fragmented music world a good or bad thing? Well, it definitely means far more choices for listeners. As people are inspired by both their life experiences and the great artists before them, new subgenres of music pop up. Panic! At The Disco would have a hard time existing a few decades ago. And thanks to modern technology, we can listen to as diverse a set of music as we want. We can enjoy everything from Hannah Montana to Kill Hannah, or maybe the only thing we will ever tune into is some T-Pain or 50 Cent or whatever. We can also enjoy the legends and forgotten of the past just as easily.

Some folks argue that no single band has as diverse a following as, say Jimi Hendrix or Bruce Springsteen, for example, thanks to the modern music landscape filled with targeted marketing and whatnot. Well, as stated before, it is now the choice of the listener what music he/she listens to. So diverse offerings are a good thing for everybody.

This leads into a topic I might speak about in the future: Respecting others' opinions of [insert anything here]. In other words, how to end trolling on the internet and in real life.