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Pspitus's B-day (late)

Dang, I haven't post a blog in awhile well just ta let ya know it was Flight lead's (pspitus) B-day a couple weeks ago and for my b-day gift is...... is........... my shiny charizard!:cry: he wanted it so badly:cry: Darn my temptations!:x *faints and gets back up* I'll be alright though, I know he'll take good care of him...... I'll stop now *goes into a corner and sobs there*

Bringing back the flight lead

I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I'll bring back the flight lead (pspitus) to gamespot or die trying. :x People of the AMFC and to Catz clan, I swear that he'll come back :evil: *packs up and leaves* wish me luck;)

From, th3d3cption;)

P.S; this promise might take awhile:P

Days w/o Pspitus on gamespot

It's been several months that Pspitus left gamespot and everything is really kinda boring now:( Man, I wonder when he'll change his mind into coming back?:? Please Pspitus come back!!

Happy (Late) Christmas

Yeah, I did it too late have I?:P Oh well *shrugs shoulder*:? Happy late Christmas!!:D

from, th3d3c3ption ;)

P.S; How's everyone's Christmas day?:)

Late Halloween aftermath

Hey I know this was late but how was everyone's halloween? I hope you guys read my previous post about zombies, werewolves, ghouls, vampires, etc. and everyone survived. So is everyone also ready for thanksgiving and christmas and I heard that I might have snow here in Washington good thing for me!:D Well, I'm just checkin on all of you guys if you're alright:) *looks out in the open sky billowing w/ clouds* Dang! This is gonna be a messy winter for us. Let's try to stay alive ok?;)

from, th3d3c3ption;)

P.S; Please comment me!!:cry: the previous post had one comment!:cry:

Halloween time baby!! XD

Yo ho whats up ya guys? I hope you guys in the mid US are alright (also to thosenear the pacific side of the US plus theUS near the atlantic) but anyways I want ya to know have a great halloween night my friends so be aware of zombies, vampires, ghouls and goblins, witches, and werewolves (if you wanna join the werewolves group and know how to retain you human mind also can control your changes, be my guest:P). I'd rather fight zombies though:| and stay away w/ evil witches....:| so right now..... be safe!!:D

from, th3d3c3ption;) the dragon/ charizard warrior

P.S: Be aware of zombies in your sector in halloweenbecause they are stronger in that time of nightand fight well my friends *goes slaying zombies and tries to enjoy his trick or treating and tries to steer away evil witches and ghouls and goblins, and vampires, and tries to befriend a werewolf* What?:?

The Winter attack

La Nina is striking washington and there's gonna be alotta snow so let's prep up our defenses and hold our line8) (it might also strike the uppermid east of the US) soeveryone in the northern western of the US state,let's be careful and hope nothing bad'll happen to us in the Catz Clan and to the other union fleet so.... God speed to us all through this la nina storm.... promise me this my friends of the Catz Clan and to the AMFC fleet (and to the other unions I havent been in sorry was kinda tied up w/ the other clans *bows in apology*:oops: ) that we'll make it alive through this horriblewinter storm..... :)

from, th3d3c3ption (the dragon/ charizard warrior;))

P.S.: It's been awhile since my last post huh?:)

Yeah heah!!!XD B-day!!!!!

Yo ho my b-day is here!! XD That's all I have to say:P well anyways I got something to say to my squadmates in the Catz Clan union for sayin happy B-day to me I won't forget this;) (God's promise;)) that's all btb how's everyones vacation?:)

To the AMFC members

Hi you guys it's me I was checkin out the AMFC and the business of havin fun there was down :( I wonder again if anyone's busy or too lazy to go there :? oh well anywasys I was checkin what's goin on and how's everyones life've been;) and now summer school is next week I'm sad T_T :cry: oh well I guess:( (oh great now I'm bringin myself down what's w/ that?!) well I guess I have to live w/ it for awhile until it ends somewhere in August well I guess that's all from me sayonara ;)

Your friend, th3d3c3ption (the dragon warrior/ wanderer);)

P.s; I'm still thinkin how my story'll work so don't worry (if you are:?)

Summer's WHOOO!!!!

YEAH HEAH MAN SUMMER IS HERE!!!:D (except it's sometimes cold :x :cry: ) But I have bad news for me I have to stay in for summer school because of my HSPE test score (and I'm gonna have to retake it again!!!)!!! :cry: Man you guys are so lucky that you don't have summer school:x T_T oh well I guess it'll have to do *sigh* luckilly it'snext months from now well that's all I have to say sayonara;)

from, th3d3c3ption the dragon warrior/ wanderer;)

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