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Got suspended

The reason I haven't been able to post anything for the past few days is because I was suspended from posting for 5 days.  I bassically explained my disgust in a video that I found quite racist and offensive, next thing I know I get a message telling me the reason and how long.  Rather unfair if you ask me but I am not to fussed about it.

Make Love Not Warcraft

The controversial episode of South Park is yet to be shown in Australia so I had a good look through Youtube and I found the episode.   I have to say thats its probably the best episode I have ever seen.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Unfortunatly theres a bit thats missing at the start but im sure you don't miss much.  Feel free to leave some comments....

Its about dam time + MK video

No I didn't buy a new game, I reached level 21.  If you don't know level 20 is 'infected' I guess you could say with a major glitch.  It took me almost 2 months to pass it and im glad now that I did pass it even though i really don't care about the levels.

Mortal Kombat Video:
Its a sketch from a Australian Sketch show called the Ronnie Johns Half Hour Show.  Its a mix between Mortal Kombat and Pride & Prejuduce.

GRAW progress + reviews

My reviews first I don't know who it is but somebody has given me negative reccomendations on the my 4 preivious reviews, now this isn't really a bad thing except I noticed them all at the same time, meaning that someone has just clicked onto the page and hit No to: 'Recommend this review?'

Well I played about half an hour today, Im up to the mission after I do the fly over of that huge compound and I shoot at some guys from the Black Hawk.   I got badly injured from the fly over and when I started to get into some action on foot it was getting really difficult because they came out of nowhere and I had to use the night vision alot which has its pros and cons. Which I wont talk about now because it will take to long.

Aside from some difficulties I am having right now with the game I am really enjoying it and hope to get a few more missions done before I return it.

--Keep Gaming...

Borrowing GRAW

Today I got GRAW off a friend to borrow for a few days, I know what all the hype is about. It isAWESOME! The graphics are great and even though its not infantry based combat (its more like overt squad based reconnaissance) anyway its alot of fun thats the important thing.  Im up to the US embassy where I have to hold the position and protect the mexican president, its difficult but I will get passed it when I play it again.   I am going to buy it soon by the way.

Thats wrapping it up for today, thanks for reading.

--Keep Gaming...

Finished United Offensive (spoilers)

I finished Call of Duty: United Offensive (the expansion to 2003's game of the year) I have to say that its alot harder than the original game, but its still very enjoyable and you will feel rewarded after the final mission which is very hard and took me about 25 minuets to finish.  In total I have played rufly 9 hours.  I will have a review up within the next week or so.  I have several reviews coming up such as:

  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS2)
  • Hexic HD (Xbox 360)
  • CoD (PC)
  • CoD: UO (PC)
  • Guitar Hero (Xbox)
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)

Theres probaby some more that I will review I just can't think of them at the moment.

Thats it for this blog I will have another up tomorrow, thanks.

--Keep Gaming...

New Banner + heaps of Halo 3 boxshots!!!!

I will start off with the banner I made a little while ago:   (To see the proper size just click on the image)

As you can see its a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter theme, its probably my best one I have done so far aswell.   Here are some Halo 3 boxshots that I found:

Here are some possible weapons:


Now alot of the boxshots are obvisously photoshopped having said that all of them look great.

Thanks for reading this blog, I have another one coming up this afternoon if not definetly tomorrow.

--Keep Gaming...