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What a joke.

Can we all agree that MW2 is the most pathetic game ever created? IW needs to pull their head out of their ass if they have any hope for this game. Lucky for me Halo isn't dead yet. On that note, RIP Halo 2. On that same note again, cant wait for Reach. I don't know how to blog well but I think I covered my thoughts there.

And the horns do it again.

Actually went to the Big 12 championship this year.. My legs were shaking soo bad when he was about to kick the field goal haha. Colt for Heisman btw, but I think Mark Ingram is gonna win it, he **** beasted upon Florida.. Might have to make myself a new banner if Texas beats Bama.. It'll still have Vince in it though. He's too beast.

Sims 3 during the Summer??

What do I do? I mean the Sims 3 is coming out and I would really like to get that, but at the same time I've gotta renew my live subscription. I've gotta get some cash lol. The job I've got right now pays me basically exactly what I need for my necessities and bills, which sucks. Maybe someone will feel sympathy and give me a job that pays me decently. One can hope. I'm out.

Gears of War 2

Wow, I've never been so excited to get a game. This game is going to be amazing, and I'm picking it up sometime tonight :D. Bad blog but w/e.

So I finally decided to play TS in Halo...

Team Slayer in Halo was my 45, and after seeing my friend get his 49, I decided to go into Team Slayer alone. My goal was just to top off at 46, but I was playing so well I decided to go for my 47. With my luck, about 12 games later...walah 47. Now I'm about 3-5 games off my 48. I can't find a team worth a **** I do bad, but still..One teammate going -12 really puts you in a terrible mood. I'll post if I get my 48. I know to some people reading this this is stupid and I suck, and I say....OK :D!

Die Silver & Blue

Cowboys..yeahh. This year they look REALLY good. With Barber, Romo and our awesome receivers, I actually see us getting pass 1st round =). Not to mention our defense. Our line is pretty beast. Spears and Ware will have awesome seasons. Not forgetting our veteran Linebackers and Safeties, but there's only one thing on my mind right now, and you know it.. Pacman Jones. All I've seen him do so far is do a fine job of getting burnt. I'm hoping he pulls it together =\. Go Cowboys lol, IDK what else to say.