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Resistance 2 review (Yes I'm really, REALLY behind)

Resistance 2:I'm only talking about the single-player portion of this game because the multiplayer is pretty much dead and I couldn't get into more than about 3-4 matches online.

Anyway, I got the first Resistance game back when the Playstation 3 was a shiny new gadget and I was sorely disappointed.

The shooting mechanics worked well enough and some of the guns were quite fun to experiment with (my favorite is the Auger) but there was not much sense of story or plot and even innovative gameplay mechanics or visuals.

Resistance 2 suffers mostly from the same faults. It looks "Larger" and "grander" but it's still like an empty shell. An alien shooter with no teeth.

Granted, some of the bosses are quite exciting to fight but it doesn't matter since the path which leads to them is consisted of hubs after hubs with enemy respawning points and you can't get to the next stage until you kill a number of enemies which appear out of a door or some other entrance.

It seems like Insomniac games (famous for their reputable Ratchet and Clank series) have created a first person shooter with platformer game mechanics in mind rather than a first person shooter. The shooting mechanics are solid enough but the weapons seem withoutimpactand the enemies take way too many hits on the normal difficulty to finally die.

In the graphical department note, as I said the game does look much bigger but once you start looking around as you play, you won't need an eagle's eyes to notice the horribly blurry textures used in indoor and outdoor areas. The voice acting leaves much to be desired and the story is almost completely absent.

Resistance 2 is a good game but its shallow design as a whole makes it so forgettable that you won't even think about it as soon as beat it.



So I've been being flamed a lot from those rabbid nintendo fanboys, foaming at their mouths and ready to take a bite out of me because I think Nintendo has been about nothing but gimmicks and 30-year-old game ideas since the SNES. And you know Nintendo fanboys *Shudder*

So I just wanted to put my exact thought about nintendo and their policies forward and once and for all clear my perspective of what I exactly think about them:

**** Nintendo.

Now please, leave me alone you creeps in eternal denial. I'm tired of reasoning with you.

Bioshock and Super Paper Mario

I completely agree with the reviewers saying that Bioshock is an incredible and satisfying game. I finished it in 19 hours and and I should say I have never experienced anything quite like it in my 14 years or so of gaming. The environments were creepy and badass. the mood and lighting was perfect. the sound design was phenomenal and the story actually made me shout a loud "OMG! WTF!" at the very disturbing twist when you finally meet Andrew Ryan. (I won't spoil it for you if you haven't finished the game already ;) )

As for Super Paper Mario, well, the gameplay was a mix of solid classic 2d platforming with a light dose of 3d exploration and puzzling. the RPG elements were much lighter than I expected (you just gain more HP and Power and buy stuff from shops) because the thousand year door was so much more different... and satisfying! The story was cute but sometimes too cute for its own good. (what Mario game story isn't?) oh and the annoying soundtrack! ACK! it kept looping on and on and on and on it forced me to mute the god damned thing after playing for 30 minutes. The gameplay just became bleh after a while and the graphics' novelty wore off before I finally finished the game clocking at 15 hours of game time. To sum up, not bad but not really breath-taking either.

Right now I've started playing Trauma Center:Second Opinion on the Wii and Devil May Cry 4 on the 360. I'm also in the middle of the fantastic Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on the PS3. But I'll talk about that later.

I know I know, I'm a little behind the endless stream of must-play games but I'm trying my best to catch up. I've got 23 games sitting in my drawer waiting to be played. It's actually scary to see so many yet-unplayed games.