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What the hell is going on...?

A few months ago, this account kept getting banned and unbanned. Now I'm back and it seems to be working well. WTF? :| Anyway, I've been playing Black Ops for the PS3 quite a lot recently. IMO, I think this game is good, despite all the hate it gets. Also I pre-ordered BF3 :D

Stupid little brother!

Don't you just find it annoying when you have someone pestering you all the time? Ever since me and my brother got Fallout: New Vegas, he's been making me pissed off ALL THE TIME.

When we first got the game, he kept on asking me to look at the Fallout Wiki (some wiki I usually checked, after I finished Fallout 3) to help him in EVERYTHING. In the process, I eventually managed to create my own savefile, with about 6 hours clocked, level 11, and very few quests finished. The problem however, is that I KNOW ALMOST EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME.

Thanks to my little brother, I have been spoiled to death in a RPG, and in my style of playing RPGs, I avoid guides and spoilers, until I finished the game. I only scrached a tiny surface of the many events of New Vegas, but I know everything, like how to get the Enclave Remnants to help you, the layout of all vaults, how to finish EVERY EFFING QUEST, how to get every companions, and even all the game's possible ending. Thanks, brother, I will now burn "your" Black Ops copy, even though it's MY birthday gift. :evil:

Angry Birds Review


Well, here's my review of what is obviously the most overrated game ever made (I also wrote this as a review, please like/dislike it :D):

If you have an iPhone, you'll most likely hear about this game. Angry Birds is a very popular physics game, which has already sold 140 million copies.

But is it good? NO

The objective of this "game" is to throw different types of birds to kill pigs. Right now, there are about 7 types of birds in this game, each having their own abilities. The problem however, is that there's numerous FREE flash games that are similar to this $1 game, like Crush the Castle. There's tons of levels to play, with more levels getting added via updates. It's not like you would finish all of these though, you might get bored after a few levels.
Another bad thing about Angry Birds is how Rovio releases more Angry Birds games just for new levels. There's nothing wrong with adding the Seasons and Rio levels in the main game, but the're still releasing them as standalone games.Overall, this game sucks. It's just sad that people nowadays prefer casual games nowadays, and how people actually choose the iPhone over dedicated gaming handhelds, just for trash like this game.Well that's it. Now for something random:Clicky :3

My top 5 most nostalgic games :D

I've been into gaming since I was 3 years old, and never lost interest in it ever since. Looking back, I'd remember the old games I played, and how much I loved them. Here's 10 of these games:

5. Daytona USA (Arcade)



This game is both my first arcade game and first racing game. This game's intro music is hilariously bad, but so damn nostalgic. Each time I went to a mall with my parents, I'd beg them to bring me to the arcade JUST to play this game. :P

4. Need for Speed: Underground


Oh look, another racer. Let's just say that I actually liked this game back then. It made me start liking Japanese tuners and street racing. Too bad I had no idea that any car I made was a butt-ugly ricer....

3. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GB Color)


Because of my stupid childish mind (and the faulty cart deleting my save file), I never got to finish this game. I loved it a lot, though. It's my first Zelda game, and my first ARPG. I made the mistake of naming Link "Zelda" though :lol:

2. Tekken 3


This is one of the BEST PS1 games I've ever played. This game (and Tekken Tag Tournament) got me into the Tekken series, hence my username. Tbh, I SUCKED at this game. My main here is Jin, then switched to Devil Jin (since he's besically T3 Jin) when 5 got released. Can't wait for the new TTT2 to be relased to arcades :D

1. Pokemon Crystal


Of all games I've played, I played this the longest. Because of how amazing this game is, and because of how my save file keeps on getting erased, I played this for 2 years! :lol:

Just thinking of this game makes me remember a lot of old memories, I remembered how pissed I was when I went through Victory Road only to get beaten by Silver (AKA "???" :P) how I was so damn happy when I beat the Elite 4 a second time, how long it took me to catch Raikou and Entei, etc...

Well, that's the end my list. Now I have a question for you guys- what game makes you feel so nostalgic when you think about it, you remember a lot of old memories associated with them?

I'm not dead! (Yet)

For certain reasons, I will NOT mention why I was gone. Dunno why :P

Anyway, it's already summer here, and I'm wasting it doing nothing.

It also passed my 16th birthday during my absence, I'm finally legal in the US :D

I also got a lot of new games too, namely:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Boxshot

Marvel Vs Capcom 3, which is really fun, despite the lack of modes. Dante, Morrigan and Wesker FTW!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Boxshot

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Not as good as AC2, story-wise.

Gran Turismo 5 Boxshot

Gran Turismo 5. Ugh I've been playing this game religiously since December. Is that a good thing or not?! :?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Boxshot

Call of Duty: Black Ops. I actually lied Campaign and Zombies mode more than multiplayer :o (And yeah, this blog post's title is a reference to the character Richtofen)

Grand Theft Auto IV Boxshot

GTA 4. I don't honestly understand the hate behind this game. It's awesome!

And lastly, let's just say I missed you guys! I've been more active in GameFAQs, though, so I may not post as much as usual anymore....

Gamespot Asia... What?


GS even made a new board for us Asians... and I was under a damn rock when all of this started! :(

Oh well, at least I have a new place to hang out now :D

Finally got my first platinum trophy :D


Finally, I got my very first plat! it's from Fallout 3 and uhh.... that's all I could say. :|

What is it about PS3 trophies that makes me want to get so much anywzy? Oh well, might as well start playing Uncharted 2 again :P

Anyway, I was about to buy God of War: Ghost of Sparta from PSN until I noticed that it's size is 4.25 GB. Isn't this way too large for a PSP game? :? And is it worth getting?