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Welcome to the Undressed guide at TV Tome. DISCLAIMER: due to the show's strong sexual content, certain words and situations discussed here may be inappropriate for children lol

OMG followup.

Out of everything I submitted, only three things were rejected. My game credits on my profile went from 3 to 40. Woo.

Holy hell.

Out of 89 pending Game Data at GameFAQs, 21 were submitted by me and out of 16 Pending Game Credits, 10 are by me. I wonder how may they'll accept.

PSO beta diary stopped.

It's a pain in the ass to update everyday, and since I've gotten to Level 32, I've decided to wait until SEGA "unlocks" Hard more before I play again, as it's really boring playing Ruins over and over. >_<

PSO:BB diary day 2

(I know it's not really the day after my last entry, but oh well >_>)

Got up to level 20 and 3-3. I started a 2-4 room, but one guy was up to 1-2, so me and him had to do nearly ALL of the quests again. >_< It was a pain, but I leveled up quite a bit. I've pretty much abused my MAG, as I've rarely fed him. :o Maybe I should start working on him once I get a bit of money. I'm hoping to unlock Ruins tomorrow. Sorry for making this entry so short, but it's 3:30 AM and I still need to take a shower. :o

PSO:BB Beta diary day 1

(I"ve finally decided to make use of this damn thing. >_>)

After waitng two days for the servers to come up, I've fianlly gotten online. My main character is Teflon, a RAcast. The controsl were hard ot adjust to at first, but after some struggles I'm doing fine. My main complain is that YOU CAN'T TYPE. Thanks to some shoddy programming, you can't type without screwing up you PC's langauge capabilities to hell and back. I had ot communicate to one of my teamates via AIM. Nice one, Sonic Team. Another complaint is the new way you have to unlock levels. Previously, you could just breeze though levels in single player mode to unlock new ones. Now, you have to do special quests in order to unlock it. This may sound fine, but most of the quests consist of you going through the enitire level and stopping RIGHT BEFORE the boss. Seriosuly, that's friggin' annoying. It's not liek you can't skip teh damned quests either, you HAVE to do them or else you can't unlock new levels. Who thought that this'd be fun? It's not too bad with a strong party with a Force ot two, but with a low leveled party it's nuts.

Now that I've ranted, I might as well state my progress. I got up to level 11 (woohoo), evolved my MAG, and got up to 2-4 (thanks to a nice FOnewearl named Peanut) before I got sick of PSO for the night. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up to 3-1.
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