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I do love that little company that is Nintendo. They have been great to me as I have "grown" up. I have loved everything that they have done (minus Virtual Boy). Gamecube was the best of the systems last generation. Sure Playstation 2 did have Metal Gear and Final Fantasy. But in terms of originality nothing compares. I love this new Wii and the remote and how it plays perfectly. However guess what? I miss my old controller. I like to hold a controller in my hand when I am playing a game. Zelda did a good job of making the remote feel like a controller but Paper Mario not so much. For an experience the remote is good but for a game well......I am not totally convinced. I love my Wii and I wouldn't get rid of it for any reason. But In the future......I wonder how it will play out. If the immersion factor will be there or if they have perhaps opened up a new category outside of games. As for the hater who say that it isn't a next generation system they are not real gamers. Gamers play games not systems. Fitting all of that technology in a small little Wii box for that price with motion sensing control....that is next generation.  I am a gamer not a systemer.