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The Fall of the Fall

Isn't this a great year. We started to see games come out all year around. MGS 4, GTA 4, SSBB. Now these are just a few but it was really good. These are huge games and they made a lot of money and "gasp" they were not released at Christmas time. These companies that think that I only play games at Christmas time are dumb. This is the time when I play the least games. I have exams, shopping, there is chaos everywhere. I hope that they get burned at Christmas and realize that gamers play and buy games all year. I have been pissed about this for a long time and it is time to realize that Christmas is Crap and gaming season is 365 days not 60.

The Fall

Well isn't this year going to be a good year for games. I say it is one of the best. This is only if you own all consoles though. Otherwise it is maybe quite a bit weaker than others. It seems that a lot of the multiplatform games are going to be Meh. The exclusives are where it is at. Good gaming to all through the holidays.

I will soon live for Live

I really feel that I have missed out on a lot not being part of XBOX Live last generation and not yet this generation. I will soon have a 360 and when I do I will become a member of XBOX Live. This is an idea that has be totally stoked. I lived in the country before now and was not able to get DSL or cable Internet thus no XBOX Live for me. However now I live in a city and will be taking full advantage of it. I do not look forward to people that don't respect the system, cheaters, or sore losers. I do want to experience console gaming to its fullest though and XBOX Live seems like the perfect item to complete the perfect experience.


I do love that little company that is Nintendo. They have been great to me as I have "grown" up. I have loved everything that they have done (minus Virtual Boy). Gamecube was the best of the systems last generation. Sure Playstation 2 did have Metal Gear and Final Fantasy. But in terms of originality nothing compares. I love this new Wii and the remote and how it plays perfectly. However guess what? I miss my old controller. I like to hold a controller in my hand when I am playing a game. Zelda did a good job of making the remote feel like a controller but Paper Mario not so much. For an experience the remote is good but for a game well......I am not totally convinced. I love my Wii and I wouldn't get rid of it for any reason. But In the future......I wonder how it will play out. If the immersion factor will be there or if they have perhaps opened up a new category outside of games. As for the hater who say that it isn't a next generation system they are not real gamers. Gamers play games not systems. Fitting all of that technology in a small little Wii box for that price with motion sensing control....that is next generation.  I am a gamer not a systemer.

RE4 Wii

I am quite excited about Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. I have been a long term RE fan and have played them all to death. I really want to play RE4 again but will wait until the Wii version comes out in June. Oh and 28 Weeks Later now that is going to be insane. As for me and an XBOX 360 I still don't have one. This is sad.

The Great Drought.

So once again the time is upon us of the 'drought'. This is the time when very few good games come out and gamers are left wondering what to do. This year however is not so bad. There are many new games to play from Christmas. This is what happens when there is a new console launch or 2 in this case. You do not possibly have time to play all of the games that came out and some of them will be left until later. I wish that game companies would see that we do not only buy games at Christmas but all year around. I do not think "Oh it's Christmas time, I will start to play games again.". I play games all year. Sure they will say that is when the most games are sold but that is simply because that is when the most are released. A good example of this is the Wii. You still can't find one, well barely. But what do you mean it is 5 months after Christmas people don't play games now. They wait until Christmas time. The problem is the simplest solution to this is to not buy games around Christmas time. This is hard to do though because gamers don't like to wait. This is the answer to solving the 'Great Drought' or rather one of the answers.