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A Question for You

So this is me reaching out from the dead.. :)

My question is: 

Do you guys think that the PS4 will be able to run Battlefield 4 on 1080p at 60 fps?

Thanks :) Cheers

Call it an update..

Hey people, haven't been active here as much.. sorry about that.. well exams, social life and stuff y'know :D.. anyway wanted to thank my buddy AdianBMG for making me this cool banner.. thx dude ;)..

take care everyone ;)

Hey ya'll..

First of all, how's everyone doing? I just wanted to update you guys that i'm a bit pressed for time these days so yeah, i don't game much at all besides playing Gears of War 3.. Haven't been on my PS3 for a while now, i just sign in and play for an hour or so.. i really miss gaming and stuff.. have to study, the end of the first semester is near.. damn.. less sleeping, more learning.. it will be tough but i want to do good on my upcoming exams.. wish me luck guys.. and yeah, besides this i think something is going to happen to me.. i just feel it.. haha :oops:

So take care people and God bless..


People are ignorant. that's a fact. maybe it's better to say people are stupid. why? well, here in Bosnia, where i live, being a gamer is considered like you are sick and you are the biggest nerd and loser.. my peers look at me in a strange way, like i'm contagious or something.. girls think that i don't have a life and most surprisingly, even my teachers are the oneswho think that gaming is an issue.. why people why? if you don't play games and if you don't know much about something why do you jump to conclusions? they laugh at me when i say certain games are really deep experiences, they say i'm crazy.. but i don't care, as long as i'm having fun and enjoying myself it's good..

XboX gamertags

So guys and girls tell me your gamertags so that i can add you. want to have more friends on XLive :). thanks


Just seen the best movie in probably last five years or so.. maybe not the best but very impressive one. amazing.

Only for Dark Souls players..

So guys i'm wondering what to do next in this game.. i slayed everything in that dark forest in demon's ruins and in anor londo.. don't have a clue where to go now.. btw i have that abysswalking power but what does it do?? where should i go next?

I'm back..

Well sorta, still have one exam next week but the rest of them i managed to pass, thank God for that :). Completed Uncharted 3 and MW3. excellent games, although Uncharted is way better. Haven't touched Dark Souls for two weeks i think, already miss that game.. Got bunch of new games also.. Waiting for better times when i'll hopefully have enough time to play them.. Been also fighting and arguing a lot with some people from college.. not pleasant experience i'm tellin you.. still trying to gain 10 pound more.. it is going super slow although i eat like, really a lot.. hate waking up at 5:40 a.m. and hate catching the 6:30 a.m. bus.. life as a student is hard.. but i must go on and give it my all.. hope that now i'll be able to keep up with your blogs..

that's it.. later ya'll.