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The game is as exciting as watching paint dry. This hole space combat is actually more of a Excel sheet combat because you don't fly your ship. You give orders like attack the 3rd line in the table, fly from line 2 to line 4. You don't shoot at anyone, you just look for attack orders in some menus like you look for copy and special paste in the Word menu.

It even has a sim city minigame now. Except all building are cicles or some planet and of course more Excel pages.

Then you want to do something new and realize you need 4 months of "Training". Training is something like the apointment calendar. From 3 feb to 9 feb you train this skill, from 9 to 17 feb the next skill and so on.

You can fly a battleship in 3 days. Small correction, you can take it out of hangar, correction again, you order it to get out, you don't actually fly it. And then you need 6 months of skill training to actually fight with that ship. Want to try another battleship? Another 6 months. Want to fly the biggest ship? 3-4 years....