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T-Roland is back


Yes! After roughly 1½ years, I am back in business. Albeit not at 100% yet, but we are slowly getting there. Step by step!


Now, since I really do not have the time currently (i.e. 'too lazy') I won't be making a big fuzz in this first blog post about where I have been, why I have been there, or with whom. I can though say, that it is an incredibly unbelievable story of incredibleness, which may/may not involve aliens, robots and/or zombie-ninjas.

All in all this is just a short blog to tell you all that I will soon be back, and hopefully you will get the full story in the next blog. Which will be posted... Let's just say soon. I will promise no more. But there will be interresting news, that I will promise.


In case you were wondering... yes, I am now the proud owner of a PlayStation 3 - my ID there is T-Roland, just like here. So if you are up for a battle of Guitar Hero III, or just want to spam my account with bad jokes and robotic porn pictures, feel free to do either.

// T-Roland

Where the hell is Roland?


Yes. I know. I haven't posted a single time here on GameSpot since sometime early December. That's about a month ago now.

The thing simply is that I got in way too deep. With more than 14 new blogs from friends every time I logged on, I suddently didn't have any more time for posting and doing the things I enjoy here on Gamespot.

 I may be coming back soon, I can feel the itch in my fingers, but there are a few changes I am going to make.

First of all, I will delete my entire friend list, except for the people I have talked with on a regular basis. And of course, it is only those people's blogs I am going to attend and look at. This is good both for you, and for myself, since I don't have to go to so many blogs.

Second and lastly, I won't post as hard as I have been, so I am therefor going to resign from most of my unions, except for those I really enjoy posting in.

That's the facts. If anyone replies to this blog, I will read your comments, don't worry about that one :wink:

Not quite playing the averages


As you may remember from a while back, I desided to get myself Rez. Well, guess what, I got it a week ago, and I can honestly say, that it is everything I expected it to be. Innovative, inspiering, entertaining... Wonderful.

Also, I just recieved my Report Card. How did it look you ask? Well, let me put it to you this way. I got the highest average for my year, and that is for the third time in a row; so in deed, it went very well! I think I have earned the right to bragg a bit.

Oh, and to make everything really perfect, I am expecting a delivery of three discs from Freezepop - players of the games Frequenzy, Amplitude and of course Guitar Hero will recognice them. Well, I got hooked, so now I will recieve a cd, an ep and the single "less talk more rokk," where the track itself is, as well as "Get ready 2 Rokk" - as featured in Guitar Hero. ("less talk more rokk" is in Guitar Hero II. So now you know). With the single follows an autographed poster!!!!

So all in all, I love this month. :D Till next time!

Snow Ahead


As you may have heard, snow is the newest single from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Unfortunately, the single won't hit the Danish stores untill around the twentieth of November, so I'll have to wait a bit before I can get to buy it. What you are seeing beneath, is the cover of the single.

So, the new official Snow video is now online, and ready to be seen. As far as my research goes, I have only been able to find the video at Stadium-Arcadium.com, so here you go.

And just to set the mood, there was snow last week here in Denmark. Not much, only like 0.5 millimeters, but it was there. So, I guess everything is lined up for the single release. Now go enjoy the video!

Kashmir Tickets - beauty in the form of music


Correct, I am the proud owner of 2 tickets to a Kashmir concert the 24th November. I am bringing a good friend of mine, and we are set for an amazing show.

Whenever anyone have been to a Kashmir concert, they want to go there again. That's what they say. So, since this is my first concert with them, I am more than excited.

The tickets cost me only 40$ each. Well, my friend is of course paying for himself. At any rate, that is a very fair price. If you haven't heard of Kashmir, I think you ought to listen to some of their music. Indie/Rock is the genre, but it sounds amzingly beautiful. Most famous is the track "Rocket Brothers", which is an absolutely beautiful song, and the video is just... perfection...

That's t-roland's new look!


Yes, that's right. A new banner, a new signature, and a new icon. Much more fresh than the old ones. I really feel that MoodyFlame got my personality straight on when he did these. Well, I ripped the icon from the signature myself, but that still count as his work.

And he has a blog header coming my way soon as well, so all I can say, is keep up the good work!

And I just ordered three games from Amazon.co.uk. Gitaroo-man, Jak & Daxter, and Jak II: Renegade. I am going mad currently, buying games online and where ever I find them.

Arrived at around 9am, Thursday. 2 days after I ordered them!

Sorry / Searching for the Rarities


Yeah, I kinda' used up all of my bandwith so I couldn't return untill today. Nevertheless, I am back now. I promise I'll try not to use it all up this month.

Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff arrived, along with ICO. I am currently trying to find a lot of the rare and classical games for Ps2. So far, my "rare" or special games are:


Frequency, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Ico, Shadow of The Colossus and Indigo Prophecy (or Farenheit as it is called here in Europe). The next game I have in my sight is the legendary Rez.

I've wanted Rez for a very long time, and at last I have found a place from where I can order it, along with Amplitude and Guitar Hero. All three games is ones that I have been looking for, for a very long time. And of course, Okami is on my list as well. So, that concludes this blog post.


Red Hot Chili Peppers Madness; and Ico (!)


Two T-shirts, one wall calender for 2007, and a bass-DVD with Flea the all-mighty! For the best view of the pictures, you ought to press the "white theme" button. Or press the images for the full size resolusions..


Oh, and I ordered ICO for Ps2 as well. Free shipment for all of the things. This is my first  internet order, and should supposidly be here in 4-5 work-days, so some time next week! Can't wait! Can't stop!

Tractor Beam


So, as most of you know, I have a weakness for Ratchet & Clank. And, as many as you also know, I have a special weakness for the Ratchet and Clank commercials. So! I am, because I love you all so much, going to share my favourite with you. The best damn 30 seconds of advertising ever to air. EVER! Ladies, Gentlemen, Zoids.... I give you....

THE TRACTOR BEAM!!!![video=cXA7xmHx5bkOvDA]

A delayed blog post, sorry, it shall never happen again.

Level 21 - Sweet...


Todays stats: Level 20, 100%. Finally, I will be able to leave the glitched level forever.  No more Metal Slime for me. Even though that is a cool title. I feel like I have overcome a great barrier, so I am feeling great!

One last thing: I now have enough money to get the Ps3 at launch. I have gotten around two thirds more this month. But now school has started again a small month ago, so it's going back to normal.

But all in all I am feeling great, so who cares about school! Enjoy yourself; I know I am :D

PS: Go take a look at my web-page when you get the time. I just gave it a new funky-fresh frontpage!