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The future of NFL Video Games

It seems somehow eerie that the NFL will be exclusively portrayed by the EA Sports team. All through history except at the early stages of the gaming boom the NFL license has had competition. Now the question comes of what will happen with no competition to push EA? And what will the acquisition of the ESPN properties do to John Madden? Sure, I think the announcing in the game is dim, but I still like the guy, and as annoying as he can be, when I watch his live broadcasts I usually learn something new about football. Maybe this will finally open the door for my dream...

Maybe now with the ESPN properties, they'll do the announcing right. John and Al do the monday night game, the ESPN crew doing the sunday night game, and maybe bring in some backup groups to do the regular games. It would give a much more authentic feel to the setup, and I think it would alleviate a lot of the boredom that the announcing gives me. I usually end up turning it off after about a half season.

Many of these questions can only be speculated upon, but one thing is for sure. The off-field presentation options are going to be massive in the upcoming titles with the help of ESPN. That alone should make the game better.