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So I don't use this much...

But every now and then, there is something that I feel the need to say. Bottom line is this... the state of modern gaming is pathetic. Lets take a look at how many games have come out this year, and then look at how many of them are actually -great-. I can count on one hand, -maybe- two the games that are -actually- worth playing. However, I'd need a calculator to tally up the number of games released. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Back in the days of the NES and the old PC's, game companies actually gave a damn, they made -sure- the games were fun and playable, while also having replay value. In this day and age, that doesn't seem to exist. It's a glut, and the worst part is? It's not going to change. Too damned many people have no taste, they'll buy whatever pile of shmegma the game companies throw out on the shelves because they're too dumb to recognized quality from dreck. Idiots rule the world, and that is a sad thing for those of us who have a sense of taste and quality, because -we- get to swim in the filth of an entire industry catering to the lowest common denomenator.

It's depressing enough that I've seriously considered giving up gaming entirely, there's no point when it's -months- between quality releases and I'm having more fun with games that I've had for 5 years than I am the one I got 5 days ago. But then something like SSX On Tour comes along, and I'm reminded that, yes, every now and then companies (Even EA) do something right. So, I'm on the hook for awhile longer, but I'm still asking myself when the idiots and morons who fuel this industry are going to wake up and start using the 5 brain cells they have. Cause frankly, I'm tired of going to a game store, seeing 5,000 crappy titles, and finally finding the one decent one in the bunch to try out.