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A Video Game From Game Spot Members

And Hello my Dear friends :) I know I know It's been while and I hate to say sorry every time lol but really been busy with lots of stuff that don't give me that feeling to write a blog, but my heart Is always here no mater what!

Creating a video game Is the most enjoyable Art that make my soul fly, this Is my dream job I enjoy It, I have started Computer Graphic to create Art and share It with other people who enjoy art so that we all enjoy! lol

I am reaching to a good point that I am getting ready to make a real Game that I have In my mind, and this summer we will have something to show, the game Is not ready we are at the first Stage,

Let me talk about how I gathered our team and started making this game,

Well my friends I have met some really good people on Game Spot, and I knew making a video game should be a team work, so I find those friends on Game Spot who are In Art and hardcore gamers, I asked them, their facebook account, then I created a Group on face book, the name at first was Orc Production, but others didn't like It we changed It to Mad Eye Studio,

Orc Production

So for MAd Eye I started making a banner this Is the final Result

Mad Eye Studio

Mad Eye Studio

I learned lots of stuff now these Drawing are the first stages!

Those Days I had finished Red Dead Redemption and I thought let us make a Wilde West RPG game, then I started writing Its story thinking about the levels days and nights, I discussed It with the members we shaped the story.

You Can Read It Here It's just something for our group just a summary and It's still cloudy!


Hey Guys Just want to talk about the story of our game Bloodshed for those who didn't have chance to read about it,  Bloodshed is a Wild West game, purpose is that we learn how to make video games, and how to work with a team,  It is an Open World or at least close to it,  The story that make you start a journey is going to be like this:  It's middle Wilde West age the days of American fights started, there are no laws and rules really,   You and your family, an old Uncle, A Wife and a little Daughter, have a land for farming, but things are not really good for living...  So You will start thinking for something, and you start a big gamble, you exchange your land with an old gold mine that no one really Investment on it,  Some Background, Your old Uncle was like a fallen hero, your father and him were gangster, a great story is behind him, after your father death by some people, your uncle promised to his brother that make a good life for his son  After Digging on gold mince and so many frustrations, you find golds, and that brings attentions, you will be reach, and happy....But those people that you bought the gold mines from them make you an offer to buy your mince but you refused,   They start Blackmailing you, a fight happened between gangs, you made a good lesson, but something happened, they've known that your uncle was one of those famous brothers that killed their boss....  The American Civil war Happens, and you go to the War...  The Enemies take this as a good chance and they started attacking to your home while you weren't there, they will start killing your uncle, your wide and kidnapped your child  They also send some people after you to trace you and kill you but you will get that and you will kill them...and you will head back home to see what happened....  After seeing that scene you will be crazy mad, you go straight to the enemy....  Since there was no Order and Law that time, they get you, and then start Torturing you taking one of you eyes out....and they say to their gang that fall you to the river from a Valley....  And you fall, you lost everything....But Fate wanted something else....  The River sends you to Indians people camp they patched you up  Now this part, you will lean about Indians people, some how they knew your father and your Uncles, they give you, your father guns and armor...  You started seeing bad dreams, your wife, you somehow see them in real life, it was like shadows hunting you...  The Indians people taught you how to contact with ghosts, this way you talked with your family they told you that your child is still alive and they promised to helped you on this mission....  This gave you some special abilities....So you start packing for your revenge and saving your little daughter....  And you go back to the city they don't know about meet some people that will help you on this mission....  And your enemies are now reach and each one of them have their own territory...and you will start taking each one of them...  I have to at the last mission you will be die to saving your daughter and your daughter will be raised with a friend a Women that will be go in love with you and fought this fight with you cause you saved her life when you backed to the town....   This is a summary of the main story that came to my mind, I will try to make it stronger as time goes...I believe this is a good story for an open world game,  There will be cut scenes, and side many stuff for this game...the Game Play will be brutal...the environment will be clean and beautiful.....  tnx for reading :)   ~Makan


We came up with some names Like There Will be Blood, Bloodshed, The Fall....We still don't know what suits the game


This Is David Work and he shared It In the Group

And These are some speed paintings Less than 2 hours each that I have done for the game, for making the environments and atmosphere

There Will be Blod

Some Info about the Picture: "So this Is our first Drawing about the game story and atmosphere, this Is years after they slaughtered our character family and he came back for revenge, this hill was one favorite place of his farm where he and his family usually went on picnic and his daughter loved to swing, There will be blood."

The Farm

Info about this one: "Did another Speed Painting about 1 hour I have to tell you Speed Painting Is Fun!

This Farm Is my character Farm for the game things are not going well...the farm can't grow stuff our character Is going to sell It in exchange of one old Mine...


Our Group right now Is not that Active and our members are not qualified enough to start making the Game, so I told them Until I make the concept arts and sketching Increase your skills, Honestly I can make the game alone It just takes more time, I like to make this one withing a team, but If the Team Is not Qualified enough I don't want to lower the game quality for that!

We have all the tools that pro developers are using so our game should be one great game, I my self am studying Unreal Engine 3 free version UDK and I have more than 5 books, more than 100gig video tutorials about that and things are going pretty good but little slow In Time this game will be finish.

Here Is a Practice (making a simple level with UDK with pre made game assets) I have done for learning Unreal Engine 3 nothing so special but let me share It!

The Armory

All I want from you guys Is that fallow Us, support Us, be our fan whenever we reached to a good point to show the game share It with your friends, Download our game, We will be so grateful by that, We will make a website for the game or a blog, with details I will post updated here just remember to support Us cause we really need your help and this game will be free, and no charge for used games loool! 

At the End of this summer at least I will be able to finish the whole Concept Arts and character and Environment Creation, the rigging and Animation, Programming stuff I guess will take more time maybe at the end of next spring It will be finish, Recently I'm playing Skyrim a lot lol I have changed my mind to make this game a RPG I want to give the player at least 30 hours game play so I think time Is not that Important, a good quality here Is Important.

One last thing guys before final game, I will release both and Alpha (tests for technical stuff, changing the character,... can be done here) and a Beta (testing for Bugs) and I will ask you guys to try It, give me your feedbacks to make this game better!

Alright I think you guys will be tired to read more let me post another blog for E3 talk and stuff maybe tomorrow :D!

Thanks for reading.




New Blog Is coming

Hi everyone :) hope all have a good time, just wanted to Inform you guys to check out my new blog that I will write today or tomorrow, It will be about my upcoming game and a talk about games, cheers.


My Bioshsokc Infinite Elizabeth Drawing and More about this game!

Hey Guys, Gals how Is everyone doing? :)

As Promised I have finished My Elizabeth Drawing, this one was my toughest Drawing Ever! I've spent A week for It, I really gave It love to make It as best as I can! and here It goes hope everyone like It:

The Original Picture Is 7K resolution, 1gig, and 234MB TIF version Couldn't Upload It but Have Uploaded some Good JEPEC Versions for Web So for the best Image check out my DevianArt Link and Also you can Add me there If you are member of that Site : Elizabeth High Res Picture




And Here Another Version:

High Res Pic for this one


And I hope It brings Smile on your faces :) I know It will bring Smile on Scott Face Right Buddy? lol

Right Now Time Is 2:29 AM and I have Spent one Week each day more than 5 hours working on this Concept Art So really I am out of Energy to go deep and talking about this Game, All I can say Bioshock Infinite Is a true meaning of Great Game and you will enjoy It, If It wasn't I really wouldn't spend this much time and Energy to show my love and Passion about It! well of Course everyone has their own taste some people may not like It We Respect All :P

Beside Game Spot has some really Great Videos that Talks about It In good Details go check them out If you didn't.

I Like to do some Fan Art Drawings for my Favorite Video Games, They are good for Practicing and making good Artworks, I will Write some new Blogs Later On about Games I have finished and more stuff.

Well I guess That's All I have to say :), Thanks everyone for Reading and up coming Comments lol


Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz Everyone!  Just made a super Quick Painting from my old project since tomorrow is the new year wanted to make something :)


Happy Nowruz Everyone!

Just made a super Quick Painting from my old project since tomorrow is the new year wanted to make something :)

I love you all my GameSpot Friends I didn't leave GS, just too busy these days making a video game and study, working..will write a blog soon wish you all a good life and blah blah lol and good gaming all :oops:


A review of 2012

Hello my dear game spot friends :)

It's been a while since I didn't post a blog, I know, promised to be active here, but unfortunately things didn't go according to my schedule! sorry about that.

First of all I want to wish and congratulate everyone a good year, Merry Christmas to all :)

As gaming life, this year was full of good games, let us review some great games then I will talk about some life updates and wrap things up

Unfortunately I couldn't get some games this years, I'm planing to get them later on but this list Is my 2012 games that I finished and really enjoyed

1-Mass Effect 3

mass effect

First while reading It, listen to this beautiful music :)

As you all know me, I love Sci_Fi games, and Mass Effect 3 was the most amazing game for me! I just enjoyed every second of this game, one solid game, really don't want to talk about Its ending, I enjoyed the ending and It was great, yes there was some questions but It doesn't mean to pissed off about it so much like angry little boys!

I just don't know where to begin, I love this game! lol and I can tell you Mass Effect is my game of the year.

Read this part if you have time

[spoiler] I always was so curious about where are we from how the universe has been made, this question made me Interested to Physics and Chemistry (those part about Universe not those crazy equations) after choosing my path Digital Art, I began liking Sci_Fi arts, stories a lot, and since I love video games, I began playing plenty of Sci_Fi games, I never saw any of those games, pointing to this answer so I started writing a story called Black Hole answering that question with Science reasons and little mixed of Legendary stuff, after finishing Mass Effect series, this game made a big influence to me, brought my flames and passion about Universe back, made me work harder on my story, recently I started reading a book the-mystery-of-the-universe, I'm middle of it, I have to say it's been a long time I didn't read a book like this, the book is about the Universe and all of the Scientist life History, I felt I was on another world while I was reading It! after stopped reading, looked at my surroundings realized something that we are destroying our world by so much stupid advertising, entertainment, we made a life so easy that no one tries to do a hard thing when I compare those life when How those Scientist been throw, there is no calm place to think for most of the people, the average of people who like to be on Science side is getting less each generation, that's an Unfortunate thing indeed, we all are spending our life on pointless things, watching pointless things on TV, spending hours on Facebook chatting, so many pointless things really, there are some people that do good and use technology for good but 90% of people are doing a wrong thing, I wish there was a system that could shows people a good way of life if there was a good system here could help me grow better not self educated myself I could be stronger! anyways That book and Games Like Mass Effect are really helping me to shape my story and after that I will make Its Video Game and Movie, It's something to show my spirit to the world, and something to help people be more curious that where are we from and maybe they start liking science! just needed to tell this! tnx for reading :) also check out theis books that I'm reading [/spoiler]



Dishonored is another game, that I really enjoyed this year, everything was so new on it, never experience something like this before,

I enjoyed reading the Codex and listeing to that heart voices lol the really cool about that part was whenever you pointed on every character she talked new stuff about them really cool!

Environment was perfect, I totally enjoyed it.

3-Halo 4

Halo 4

Are you kidding! It's inevitable that I don't play one of the greatest Sci_Fi game ever!! Halo 4 was great, Improved a lot Enjoyed it a lot you can read my previous blog about It Also I saw one Halo Movie It was cool :D

4-Witcher 2


Witcher 2 was one epic RPG game that I enjoyed this year, Story, Game play, Graphic all was great, enjoyed it a lot

5-Gears of War 3


Gears of War is one of my very favorite game of all the time, I like Gears 1 and 2 more because they were faster, but from the story this game was epic, I enjoyed Gears 3 a lot, there is just no mistake there epic

6-Dead Space 2


I think it was for the first 2012, anyways, Dead Space 2 was another great game, that was pretty exciting and horror I spent 2 days straight playing on the hardest difficulty full of stress good times lol

7-Max Payne 3

Max payne 3

Max Payne had a dark tone, I enjoyed that Drama, Max Payne 3 despite it was so far from that, still was a great shooter I enjoyed it but I wish It could have more Drama on It

8-Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3 is like a Movie, Still didn't finish It but, enjoying, pretty cool game but It's not strong enough to beat Mass Effect

9-Call of duty Black Ops 2

I just can say I disappointed at this game, It was a good shooter but really there was nothing special to talk about!

10-Resident Evil 6

I've bought it played it a little but got bored Still didn't play it, graphic part is amazing, story part is let's just not talk about it! lol



You will be surprise by Inversion, at first you think It's just an copy style of gears of war, but to be honest this game perfect take sometime friends try It, perfect game


I know it's not for 2012 just wanted to try It for John Carmack, I have an Special Blog about it don't want to talk about it right now


Forgot the King! cause still didn't finish it, bought another Copy and yet it doens't work, I will exchange it soon and talk about it after finishing it!

There are games like Hitman and Borderlands, Assassn's Creed 3 that I need to get but there are the games I've finished this year and still playing oh 13 nooo I'm cursed! lol no no Wait

14- Ghost Reacon

Haha It was a nice game didn't like the ending that much but very nice choice for Co-Op

15-Crysis 2

Wait a minuet!!! Is it for 2012!? If it is well I just missed a great shooter to mention, It was nice but It could be better in terms of story

Life events:

[spoiler] Well this year I did some good thing that I'm happy about that!

I learned and increased my knowledge about Digital Art way lot, I learned how to draw still trying to be better,I learned about Game Designing a lot, I learned new programs, I made my body more tune and fit...I step a right way to thing that I like, didn't waste my time.

But there Is one thing, I still am single and this Is bothering me sometimes no Girlfriend! lol I just can't find a girl that Is like me and those who are understandable are ugly! lol there is no balance LOOL, and our society is different from yours, they mostly looking for boys who can make them comfortable I mean they want fun, and those funs here need money, and making money here is hard, and I don't have a job yet, I am making a good resume for a good job, I got some offered working with some game companies but They just don't let me finish my tutorials make my progress No money here means no Car, no Car means no Girlfriend! It's not like US that you can find fun things everywhere without spending too much money, a 16 years old on US can go work at GameStop 2 days of week earn $800 a month, but a Clerk here full time 6 days of week can earn at most $1000 a month see the difference....:)

Oh Well I just make my self with my work and Games I guess maybe something happens lol

Also My mom had a surgery last week for Utter Cancer test I was so worried, I love my mom a lot, but fortunately It was nothing and she is ok, that was a relief! [/spoiler]

Alright guys Let's shorten this blog I will talk about other stuff later

Hmm I think should talk about other stuff on another blog don't want to make this blog so big let me write my Ideas right now so that I don't forget the titles I want to talk about lol! I'm busy these days

Next Title Blogs:

1-Drop Frame Rate problems on Video Games I'm already forgetting lol!

2-Behind the scene and Interviews of big games like Mass Effect, Halo...

3-A video Game from Game Spot members this is a surprise I will inform all soon (And those members don't spoil it lol)

4-How Gamers can make their own video game I like to talk about this matter want to encourage young gamers to learn how to make games

5-My Video Games Art works I want to start making drawing and 3d models of my favorite characters from TV shows and Video Games for example Dexter VS Hitman Comic drawing style or Corvo VS Conner lol It should be fun

6-A review of 2012 TV shows and Movies

7-Black Hole Art Works after mastering the Concept Art I will start making Black Hole world and Talk about them on my blogs

8-Most Anticipate 2013 games

9-Random and funny Art works

Alright done with my Ideas! again wish you all a good year and Merry Christmas and here are some funny pictures :) enjoy!






Finished Halo 4 and my thoughts

Hey guys how is everyone :D

Halo 4

So after I saw Halo 4 is out here I immediately bought it, Finished it on Legendary Difficulty took me 5 days lol and I had so much fun with it,


If you know me then you know I'm not really into the MultiPlayer games cause I have low internet speed, I enjoy Single Player games so i don't talk about its Multiplayer stuff about Halo...

Halo 4 has some really good improvement and some dis improvements


The very good things I enjoyed about Halo 4 was the conversation between MasterChief and Cortana those cut scenes were awesome, giving them more personality was very nice Idea,

The Graphic well of course was very nice I enjoyed those great environments, long distances views were breathtaking


The Gameplay was like previous Halo, the difficulty was little easier than Halo Reach or It's just me got better lol, the new guns were awesome I liked them, and new Enemies were tough too, new Powers were useful...New Vehicles are awesome and I really enjoyed that Flying missions! But The A.I haven't Changed really!

Halo 4

The main story wasn't really my favorite saving the Earth is repetitive, I was expecting something more than this after all! some answers were the Universe are come from who are those Ancient Civilization? but they didn't really answered these questions and What's the Covenant role? they are here only we have some enemies to kill lol!

Halo 4

And the way you were alone on the game gaving you loneliness lol Cortana Conversation wasn't really exciting in the missions, for example they could add some funny converstion between them, when you kill nicely she adore you or whne you do a stupid thing she blame you! lol


And also Going in Love with your A.I and not really Interested in that Hot Spartan Women! well It's Master Chief Opinion not me lol

And there are some odd things that Master chief was at sleep about 2 years when he woke up he needs to breath, throw up, take a shower...walk a little not suddenly come out say what's up what did I miss! lol Right? he is Human After all!


If I want to compare Halo 4 with Halo Reach, I saw some really great moments on Reach that I didn't see on Halo 4, I think Bungie could make a better Halo but nonetheless 343 Industry did a great job as their first Halo game :) I give Halo 4, 9/10 and it's fun game, for Halo fans worth trying ;)

Alright That's it for me :) tnx for readding Makan out


Honey I'm home!

No matter were I go my heart blongs to Game Community, my Gamer friends, the most awesome people who understand me I missed GameSpot, I want to be active again.

So much good events happened I will share them with my friends soon,

I want to help GameSpot again to be better place

I am sorry for missing your blogs friends I will make it up to all

I will spend 1 to 2 hours of my time for GameSpot each day

Expect so much great articles and blogs from your old buddy Makan :)



Where to Start? Lots of Games! I can Draw now!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Guys how is everyone? It's been a while since my last blog i was too busy and i wasn't in Bloging mood...hope everyone are good :) now good bye! :lol: just kidding!

Ok let me talk about my gaming update Well I've got some pretty good games

Max payne 3

I've finished Max Payne 3 on hard mode with Free Aiming! lol this game is a perfection totally like it, but it's not our old Max Payne the story was way too far from Max Payne 1 in my opinion i was expecting that Dark, Cold streets of New York but i see a Drunk Max Payne Saving some Stupid Rich people!...anyway but it was great and i give it 10 of 10!


I also Finished Syndicate on hard mode! remember i got 3 Mass Effect 3? apparently one of the Disks of Mass Effect was this game so i started playing it and i have to it's pretty creative game i totally liked it, never experienced a game like it before, i think they even can make a movie from it! i hope they continue it and make it better! i give it 8.5 of 10 i don't know why but it reminded me little of Mirror's Edge!

Ghost Recon

I'm also playing Ghost Recon Future Soldiers and so far i really liked it! it's like you are playing CoD with third Person Camera.

Also I'm playing Witcher 2 finished chapter 1, this game is so long and really fun and enjoyable so far i enjoyed every second of it.

I also got Halo Anniversary didn't like it that much but i may finish it later, and After Witcher i like to continue playing Dues Ex and Fall out New Vegas!! lol

My Skyrim and Metal Gear Solid Collection Disks ain't working! i have to exchange them,

I saw E3 and there are some amazing games, really hyped about Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs, Tomb Rider, Beyond Two Souls, Halo 4 let's just say i liked them all :lol:

Oh did i say I've passed all of my courses this time? :D I'm really happy about it!

Summer is here baby


For me it means more work about my game project also i took some courses for summer!


I'm making Spartacus Video game, and i saw Ubisoft have made it too! :x but it's not a problem (i can ensure you that mine will be better! cause it will be base on the TV show episode by episode) from the pictures that i saw it wasn't that interesting anyway! it will be like Prison Break or Avatar! BTW guys keep track My Blog for more information about it :)


For my Game Project i must be ready right? so i started reading two books about human Anatomy and how to draw also got 5 to 10 gig video tutorials and also i got Photoshop CS6 70 hours by Lynda i like to finish with 2D world then finish rest of my 3D courses!

And here are some of my works so far! lol

Hell on the Wheels

Inspired from Hells on the Wheels


And this


so yea Skyrim indeed has one of the best Art in video games!

I think at the end of this summer i will have all of the knowledge to make a hard core video game!

From the TV shows I've finished watching Walking Dead, Hells on the Wheels, Game of the Thrones and Spartacus!

what some funny pics :)







Okay everyone thanks for reading :) until next time good gaming, peace.