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Togetimes Vol.I Issue: 2

I will continue my Psychic Togetimes Volume.

- Psychic PKMN are the most abundant type of legendaries, with at least 2 introduced in each Gen.

- There are 14 Psychic legendary PKMN in total, including Meleotta's Aria form.

- The Psychic type shares its name with a trainer type and a move.

- At least one Elite Four member or Gym Leader from every generation specializes in Psychic.

- All of Psychic's weaknesses (Bug, Dark, Ghost) are based off of fears.

- Before being released, there was a rumor that one of the Sinnoh starters was to be Psychic type instead of the usual Grass, Water orFire.

Now... The PKMNs Of The Issue Are... Mew + Mewtwo!!!


- Although Mewtwo is Mew's clone, Mew comes after Mewtwo in the PokeDex.

- Mew is the ancestor of all PKMN, but has the species name of "New Species".

- Mew is the ancestor of all PKMN, but is unable to breed.


- Has the 2nd highest Sp. Attack stat.

- Has the highest Sp. Attack stat of all non-event PKMN.

- It is the only PKMN with a 680 base stat that is not a version mascot.

- According to a journal quote from the Pokemon Mansion Mewtwo's birthday is Feb.6.

- Most legendary PKMN with similar stats have a signiture move, but it was not until Gen.V that Mewtwo was able to learn Psystrike, its signiture move.

Fun Fact: The Mew glitch was discovered in 2003, 5 years after the American release and 7 years after the Japanese release.