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Togetimes Vol.I Issue: 1

I am going to start to make the the Togetimes more organized (I already did one in TAN, check it out!!!). So, the type of the volume will be Psychic type. I will give a little info about Psychic type each Issue and have a featured Psychic PKMN each Issue. Then, I will have a random fact! So, on with the info!

The Psychic type has a total of 68 PKMN. This includes 35 pure Psychic types, 9 primary half Psychic types, and 24 secondary half Psychic types. The Psychic type suffered from a balance issue in Gen.I as it was too strong. It had only one weakness then, the Bug type, and the Bug type did not have any powerful moves in Gen.I. Also, the most powerful PKMN in the game at that time, Mewtwo, was Psychic. Psychic PKMN also have very high Sp.Att stats (or Special stats in Gen.I) and they were only able to learn Special attacks until Gen.IV.

Now our PKMN of the Issue is... Alakazam!

Alakazam is the final evolution of Abra. Abra can only learn the move teleport by leveling up, and its eyes are always closed, but Alakazam is considered a very strong PKMN. Alakazam has the highest IQ of any PKMN, of 5000. It is tied for 2nd with Porygon-Z and Volcarona for the highest Sp.Att stat of a non-legendary with 135 (Chandelure has the highest Sp.Att stat of a non-legendary with 145). Alakazam holds spoons to channel its Psychic powers. Its name comes from the stage magic phrase: "Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam!". These are the names of Alakazam and its pre-evolutions, in the order they evolve. Abra, Alakazam's basic form, was also the first Psychic type in National Pokedex order.

FUN FACT:The episode The Legend Of Dratini was banned in the U.S. and created a major plot whole because that is the episode where Ash catches 30 Tauros.