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The Atoll Region Map V.1.4 + I'm BACK! + MINECRAFT

The Atoll Region Map 1.4 is a MAJOR update to the Atoll Region. As per request I have added more dive spots. I have started "settling" the lower area of the Atoll Region which I recently made but did not add cities there. I have added different shades of background water, and different other things throughout. The darkest blue are the dive spots, and on the bottom of the map near the river the dive spots dive under the river allowing transport from the left of the land to the right. This allows access to the route near an island. Enjoy!

Atoll Region Map V.1.4

This is the first time I have blogged in a while due to me being away from the internet over the summer. I heard a lot about Minecraft over the summer and have just started playing. It is very fun and I already have some funny stories about it... but that is for later.

Thanks for reading!