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PKMN Black or White? Part 1: Pokemon

In pokemon Black and White there are many version exclusive pokemon, new and old. The caterpie tree is exclusive to White while the weedle tree to Black. Other pokemon are split up like this in these generations and up to the 5th. What really matters though are those split up exclusive to the 5th generation because any others could be traded from 4th generation games. These though are really a matter of personal preference as most of the PKMN split are of the same type and strength. There is a cotton PKMN in Black and a Bellossom-like one in White. In Black there is this Psychic type PKMN tree:

In White there is this Psychic PKMN tree that looks like green blobs:

There are also eagle PKMN in White while there are volture PKMN in Black. In Black there is a just flying type legendary while in White it is electric-flying. Finally in Black there is Reshiram (left, the white one) while in White there is Zekrom (right, the black one). Reshiram is dragon-fire type while Zekrom is dragon-electric type.


SMG2 - Gips

So today i was playing SMG2 in the "Clockwork Ruins" galaxy. I got the Comet Medal, and there are these three nails that you swing from one to the other and then to the star. I swung on 2 nails - then fell and died, AND GOT A GAMEOVER. This really sucked. Later i was playing the "Beat Block Galaxy" in it's comet. It was twice as fast and nearly impossible. After FOREVER i got to the end where you have to get silver stars and got like 3 - then GOT A GAMEOVER AS I WUZ GETTIN MY 100th STARBIT!!! UGH! P.S. "Forever = 5+ GAMEOVERS

Do you think Pokemon Black and White will be compatible with GBA?

While it is currently known that the 4th generation of games will be compatible with generation 5 through the Transfer Machine, it is unknown, and highly unlikely that the 5th generation will be compatible with GBA. Do you think they will be compatible? Which pokemon do you think would naturally be in the Isshu region? Which would you miss most? Leave these in the comments and please ADD ME!

profile pic

someone made my friend a profile pic of his favorite pokemon (an espeon). can someone make me one of a togepi? thanks. and please add me.

thought on e3

i think that although nintendo's 3ds is gonna kill all competition, the wii is gonna get KILLED by the move and kinect. nintendo released the wii in 2006 and its 2010 now and the only thing theyve done is... well... thats it - i dont know. nintendo just updated to the dsi (which i didnt like because of lack of gba) so why not update the wii. 2011 is gonna be HUGE for xbox and playstation, and im thinking the ONLY reason i still would have a wii is because of the truly intuitive games. that is what i think. also please add me.


ok so i just got on and am a level 1 and cant comment on any video until level 3. i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to level up. thanks!
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