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My PKMN White Team

After seeing stayman_jacobi's and zwgiantsfans blogs on this, I decided to take a crack at it. Thanks though to stayman_jacobi for first thinking of the idea.

*All PKMN Are In Their Fully Evolved Forms, Regardless Of The PKMN. Please Note: This Team Is Possible Only Post Victory Road.*

1: Serperior, my starter PKMN!

2: Victini, the awesome legend obtainable prior to the second gym!

3: Unfezant, (male-form, which looks a lot better than the female form!) the Pidgeot of its region!

4: Zebstrika, it is the zebra PKMN that strikes PKMN with electricity! Da!

5: Seismitoad is basically a Poliwrath minus the swirl, plus some dots. But, to avoid some rip-offing-Poliwrath-ness, it is water-ground not water-fighting. Still reminds me of Poliwrath and I LIKE POLIWRATH! SO I LIKE SEISMITOAD!!!


6: Hydreigon, the sudo-legendary of the region! It evolves at the insane level of 64, while it also has a unique new type combination, like Victini! It can even learn move of 16 of the 17 types, excluding grass!

Please Leave Ideas In The Comments, Along With Possibly Any Fatal Flaws!!

Great Fan-Art Of Hydregion!

Thanks For Reading,


My First Review!

I reviewed BTD4 because it was the game I had been most playing recently, and because no one else had reviewed it! :cry:

Also, I think it deserves recognition as a very good IPhone/IPod Touch app.

So here it is: http://www.gamespot.com/iphone/strategy/bloonstd4/player_review.html?id=756978

BTD4's App Store Logo

Thanks, swww2198

BTD4 Madness!!!

After playing for a little bit to unlock "the secret of the monkey temple" I decided to keep going in freeplay. I am still going now on about lvl 115 but this is a pic from lvl 105:BTD4 MADNESS! 2

Crazy isn't it?!

I was wondering if anyone had a crazy record on freeplay.. like this..

Also was wondering when BTD5 will come out...

Will be back on gs now and with more 2 say (PKMN Black & White are out in a little over a week!)

Thats all for now,



I have started playing LBP and am almost done with the story mode. I have LBP2 and would like to know if it is better to create levels on LBP or LBP2. I have heard mixed things about both, thanks.


Could Someone Make Me A Banner...

Could someone make me a banner of a togepi egg, then a togepi, then a togetic, then a togekiss. Much appreciated.

thenthenthenTogekissPlease make it say swww2198 and make the pics all similar size... Thanks,


Angry Birds Part 1: The Birds

For anyone who has never played this game, and most have, here is a shout out to get you to play. Angry birds is a game in which there are seven... well eight different birds fighting to save their eggs. The Red Bird is the basic bird which is for gaining momentum and knocking things over. The Blue Bird splits into three when tapped and is good for destroying glass. The Yellow Bird goes extremely fast when tapped and is good for wooden structures. The Black Bird exploads when tapped and is good for stone structures. The White Bird drops it's egg when tapped (which exploads) then flies up (and looks like the one in this picture) and smashes into other things (or just flies away...). The White Bird is great for getting to those hard-to-reach places. The Green Bird is a well, a boomerang bird. It is shot to a place then tapped and spins to come back. It can also be shot backwards. The Green Bird is a Yellow or White's alternative as it is good on wood and can reach the back of a structure and other hard-to-get-to spots.

File:Angry birds screen shot.jpg

The seventh bird is the "fat" version of the Red Bird (yes, it is very fat but it's not in quotes because of that it's because I don't know if it is usually called something different) which has the same powers as the Red Bird (none, just good momentum) but is much stronger. It can be used too destroy any kind of material.

Finally there is a new bird that is not yet released. It is called the Mighty Eagle. To use it you must pay $0.99 (in-app purchase). It swoops down on a spot (chosen by where you drop a box of sardines) and destroys it, beating the level. It can only be used once per hour. The picture below is from the new cinematic trailer for Angry Birds and shows the Mighty Eagle (basically the trailer is about calling out the eagle with sardines so it can destroy the pigs). For now, those are all of the birds in Angry Birds.


PKMN Black Or White? Part 2: Areas

Basically, it comes down to two things, Black City and White Forest. This means do you like to battle or catch and collect? Do you like to go into a PKMRT and buy something or scour the area for it? In Black City you can buy items and battle strong PKMN. In White forest you can find items and catch weaker, less-evolved, wild PKMN. There are 32 White Forest exclusive PKMN and this is helpful for the PokeDex finisher. But, there are PKMN in Black City (battle only) that you may never see unless you level up their pre-evolutions for a VERY LONG TIME! So, again it is personal preference, but this time it isn't "That's cool!" it's how determained off a player you are. Oh, and basically all of Black is more high-techy which changes some cities, but that is personal preference and just like how you like it looking...


CPU Games

Do they have CPU games that are on the internet on gs or not. I would like to hear what professionals think of BTD4 but not on here... also does anybody know when BTD5 is coming out?


I'm Back!!!

If you haven't seen it on zwgiantfan's blog i am back! :)

I recently got the PS3 w/ Gran Turismo 5... is it good, what other games are good... is the Move good??

Anyway, thats all for now, see ya.


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