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The Wrath Of The Valley - PKMN Gym

So ya I set it up, but it is not open yet (I still have to PokeTransfer some PKMN). Can someone tell me how to add a banner to the bottom in unions... I feel stupid asking that. And does anyone know how/where to make a PKMN gym badge... Well thats about it...

FUN FACT: The only pure grass-type PKMN in the gym is Sceptile.

P.S. Starting PKMN Black so I don't miss out on the Victini event!

P.P.S. Will be starting a PKMN fact/info/funfact thingy called the Togetimes. I will probably make it a thread in TAN and will do it at the end of my blogs from now on (or just be my whole blog). I will do them as much as I can.

The Hardest Game Ever

No, this is not a blog about how I am having trouble in game XYZ, or a blog about how after X amount of hours playing Battletoads, I finally beat it and it was so hard. No, this is a blog about QWOP! For those of you who know what this is, then you know why it is so hard. For the rest of you though, QWOP is a game cleverly named after the four keys you use to play it: Q W O P. QWOP has a simple goal, as an olympic athelete, run 100 meters. But, the character you play as in QWOP has no muscles, or joints, and cannot stand up. It is a heck of a good time to try to get just 5 meters, but I do not believe it is physically possible to win QWOP. I have seen a video of someone winning it, but I believe they faked it. But even if they didn't I don't think I could ever even get close to beating it. My highscore is about 3 or 4 at the moment, and I am hoping to get to 5! If you want to play it simply google QWOP and then click the first result. What the heck I will just provide a link:http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html

And now of course is a hilarious De-Motivational poster inspired by QWOP:


Lvl 100

My Hydregion is officially LVL 100. In other news zwgiantsfan recently opened a TAN thread for people to join to become PKMN Gym Leaders. I am the Grass gym, but be warned, when I have set it up normal fire or flying moves won't sweep me! We need 8 leaders so everyone join!

Thats all.


White Is My Lucky Game

Just got a 2ndshiny PKMN in this game after my Boldore a little while ago. It was a Durant LVL 40 and I was VERY surprised to see it, as I was only in the cave to battle one or two wild PKMN and to get the last few EXP points needed to make my Hydregion LVL 98. I was in Victory Road battling wild guys because this game has no VS seeker, and I had already battled the sports domes. So, I expect my Hydregion to be LVL 100 tomorrow ( it is LVL 98 ).

On a different subject I am hearing many things about the 3DS. I personally did not pre-order it but want to know if I should get it ASAP or wait until I can buy a good game with it that has not been released. I also am not sure how good it is in general, but when my friend zwgiantsfan gets it this Friday I will try it out with him.

I need to start Black soon in order to be able to get Victini, but I am engrossed in White's afterplay. Whatever.

A fan-made rendition of a shiny Durant.

My Goal

My new goal in PKMN White is to train my Hydregion to LVL 100. After Obtaining it at LVL 38 as a Deino, it is already LVL 90. I have never had a LVL 100 without rare-candies so this is my new goal. I think that by tommorow or the next day it will be LVL 100. My party will be:







The problem is that I have to have my Togekiss but I am getting attached to my Crobat because I like that it is very fast and part poison type. But, I can't have two flying types in my party! That would be a waste!

Thanks For Reading,


Uber Pwnage!!!

One Dusk Ball and that Terrakion was mine!!! And I didn't even get a critical capture! :D

Sorry For Mini-Blogging But I Will Add More Later Just Got Excited!

PKMN White - White Forest

I have no idea how it works, and for once the serebii explination threw me for a loop. I have gotten many Lvl 5 PKMN (and fully evolved them) but have not seen new ones. I thought it would be on a day to day basis on what PKMN (like swarms) but I think that is wrong. Also, zwgiantsfan has never even found most of the PKMN i have found, but I have the ones he has found. Does anyone know how it works??? And I never see items but on serebii they frequently mention them. I would like to know any info.

Thanks, swww2198

PKMN Black/White Disappointments

It would take a very long time to name them all, but here are a few.

- No more PKMN following trainers

- Berries don't grow in wild

- Lack of the Poketech and its many uses

- No Unown cave

- No Pikachu caught in game (what is PKMN without Pikachu?)

- No more honey trees

- No new eeveelutions

- No new any evolutions

- Some trash PKMN (lilterally :roll: )

- PC limits to 4 numbers (so PKMN numbers can't be box names EX. NO 121-150)

- PC still has 3 dumb settings (withdraw, deposit, move. I never use the first 2 because move can do everything)

- No trade in PC

- Can't migrate from Gen.III to Gen.V by GBA slot because some people (not me though! :D) don't have 2 DSs

- Can't customize trainer or PKMN (PKMN in battle not musical thing)

Tell me more if you think of them. I love Black/White but these things disappointed me.


Thanks for reading, swww2198

Beat PKMN White

Yesterday, I beat PKMN White and I just wanted to give everyone my friend code.

It is: 4126 4292 8277

I will battle anyone if they ask just tell me the rules of the battle (Ex. No Legendaries) so I can adjust my team to the rules.

My "Team" (That I would use to battle a strong opponent, Including Legendaries) Is:

Zweilous Lvl:54

Zekrom Lvl:54

Serperior Lvl: 50

Victini Lvl:48

Unfezant Lvl:50

Carracosta Lvl:46

Please tell me if you want to battle, swww2198

OOH! Shiny!

I was just walking in twist cave and kept on bumping into Boldores. Then I got into a battle and was about to run when I was like OMG its blue so it must be shiny. I NEVER GET SHINY POKEMON EVER! LIKE NOT IN ANY GAME!!! It was awesome and it had a pretty wicked shiny. Pic is below:

Thanks for reading, swww2198.

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