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My first night of Minecrafting (is that even a word?) I had no shelter. I had ran out of time during the day and had nothing. I went to an island in the ocean and fought to stay alive, listening as I heard zombies, spiders, and other monsters. Day broke and I went forth, and found a beautiful bay. I made my home there, and it is still my home there.

Thanks for reading, and sadly pictures dont really work on GS but I will try anyway..


The Atoll Region Map V.1.4 + I'm BACK! + MINECRAFT

The Atoll Region Map 1.4 is a MAJOR update to the Atoll Region. As per request I have added more dive spots. I have started "settling" the lower area of the Atoll Region which I recently made but did not add cities there. I have added different shades of background water, and different other things throughout. The darkest blue are the dive spots, and on the bottom of the map near the river the dive spots dive under the river allowing transport from the left of the land to the right. This allows access to the route near an island. Enjoy!

Atoll Region Map V.1.4

This is the first time I have blogged in a while due to me being away from the internet over the summer. I heard a lot about Minecraft over the summer and have just started playing. It is very fun and I already have some funny stories about it... but that is for later.

Thanks for reading!


The Atoll Region Map V.1.3

This is an updated version of my Atoll Region Map which includes a darkest blue dive-only area. It also has minor fixes, a new town, and new land in the South East.

Atoll Region Map V.1.3

The Atoll Region Map V.1.2

This is an update to the map, putting in a more Hoenn style map type. It also adds new towns/cities or makes and new land. And, I have begun experimenting with the mountainous areas shaded in a brownish-yellow. More updates will come but will stop on Saturday. I will try to start writing a story to go with this including the town/city names and possible fan-made Pokemon. Any feedback is helpful. Thanks!

Atoll Region Map V.1.2


I am sorry that I never blog but I just never have the time. This is to tell you all that I am alive and reading your blogs, but not gonna be on GS over the Summer. Anyway enjoy this funny picture that I love because it has a Togepi, THAT IS ANGRY!!!

Togetimes Vol.I Issue: 2

I will continue my Psychic Togetimes Volume.

- Psychic PKMN are the most abundant type of legendaries, with at least 2 introduced in each Gen.

- There are 14 Psychic legendary PKMN in total, including Meleotta's Aria form.

- The Psychic type shares its name with a trainer type and a move.

- At least one Elite Four member or Gym Leader from every generation specializes in Psychic.

- All of Psychic's weaknesses (Bug, Dark, Ghost) are based off of fears.

- Before being released, there was a rumor that one of the Sinnoh starters was to be Psychic type instead of the usual Grass, Water orFire.

Now... The PKMNs Of The Issue Are... Mew + Mewtwo!!!


- Although Mewtwo is Mew's clone, Mew comes after Mewtwo in the PokeDex.

- Mew is the ancestor of all PKMN, but has the species name of "New Species".

- Mew is the ancestor of all PKMN, but is unable to breed.


- Has the 2nd highest Sp. Attack stat.

- Has the highest Sp. Attack stat of all non-event PKMN.

- It is the only PKMN with a 680 base stat that is not a version mascot.

- According to a journal quote from the Pokemon Mansion Mewtwo's birthday is Feb.6.

- Most legendary PKMN with similar stats have a signiture move, but it was not until Gen.V that Mewtwo was able to learn Psystrike, its signiture move.

Fun Fact: The Mew glitch was discovered in 2003, 5 years after the American release and 7 years after the Japanese release.

Togetimes Vol.I Issue: 1

I am going to start to make the the Togetimes more organized (I already did one in TAN, check it out!!!). So, the type of the volume will be Psychic type. I will give a little info about Psychic type each Issue and have a featured Psychic PKMN each Issue. Then, I will have a random fact! So, on with the info!

The Psychic type has a total of 68 PKMN. This includes 35 pure Psychic types, 9 primary half Psychic types, and 24 secondary half Psychic types. The Psychic type suffered from a balance issue in Gen.I as it was too strong. It had only one weakness then, the Bug type, and the Bug type did not have any powerful moves in Gen.I. Also, the most powerful PKMN in the game at that time, Mewtwo, was Psychic. Psychic PKMN also have very high Sp.Att stats (or Special stats in Gen.I) and they were only able to learn Special attacks until Gen.IV.

Now our PKMN of the Issue is... Alakazam!

Alakazam is the final evolution of Abra. Abra can only learn the move teleport by leveling up, and its eyes are always closed, but Alakazam is considered a very strong PKMN. Alakazam has the highest IQ of any PKMN, of 5000. It is tied for 2nd with Porygon-Z and Volcarona for the highest Sp.Att stat of a non-legendary with 135 (Chandelure has the highest Sp.Att stat of a non-legendary with 145). Alakazam holds spoons to channel its Psychic powers. Its name comes from the stage magic phrase: "Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam!". These are the names of Alakazam and its pre-evolutions, in the order they evolve. Abra, Alakazam's basic form, was also the first Psychic type in National Pokedex order.

FUN FACT:The episode The Legend Of Dratini was banned in the U.S. and created a major plot whole because that is the episode where Ash catches 30 Tauros.

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