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Hey I'm still here!...Kind of..

I know this redesign has been around for a while now, but I gotta say this is the first time I have actually liked how gamespot has changed their website. Usually I don't like the changes. I think they did a great job this time. Flash makes everything easier.

I still can't stand gamespot's awful html problems when trying to post.

Favorite Games Honorable Mentions and More

I realize I'm posting this two months after I wrapped up my favorite games series, but I was planning to do this a few days after and I just haven't had time. Anyway I wanted to list the games that I just either forgot, were released after I started the list, or just barely missed the list. We'll start out with:

Halo Reach

Halo Reach would definitely be higher than Halo 3 on my list. In fact I'm sure it would crack the top twenty and maybe the top ten. I've been playing a ton of matchmaking and the campaign was awesome this time. It's a really great game and in my opinion much better than Halo 3 although some people can't seem to see the difference. Pity them. :P

Metroid Other M

This game was a tad disappointing, but still an enjoyable game and it should be since it is Metroid after all. This would be at the bottom of the list, but nevertheless still on the list.

Super Meat Boy

Pure awesome. This game is one of the greatest deals on xbox live. #1 if you ask me. This would rank really high. I'm in love with the gameplay and I love the fact that you respawn immediately after you die. No waiting for loads or anything. Just pure bliss.


One of the greatest games of all time. Needs no explanation. I don't know why I forgot this.

Harvest Moon Gamecube

This was just a fun and relaxing game. I didn't remember it at the time of the list but I'm not sure if it would have made it anyway. It was really fun though.

Super Mario RPG

Great game. I forgot about it with all the other Mario RPGs I filled my list up with.

Defense Grid

Another xbox live arcade game that's really addicting. This one is a strategy game and it's good as hell. Get it.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and DS

I don't know why I was neglecting these at the time. They are really fun even if they weren't anything special to the Mario series they still are a blast to play.

Donkey Kong Country series

Including the new one. These games are awesome. As Billy Madison once said "I disagree I think Mortal Kombat is a very good game, but that Donkey Kong is the greatest game of all time. "

Mortal Kombat series

Speaking of Mortal Kombat. I can't really think of one that is that great, but I do like this series a lot and I think the one coming out soon is going to be the best in the series.

Well that's it for now unless I think of anything else. Thanks for reading.

#1 Favorite Game!!! + Recap

Welcome everybody to the moment I've been waiting for. The crowning of my #1 videogame!!! But first let's recap #64-2.

64. Left 4 Dead 2

63. Pokemon Snap

62. Elite Beat Agents

61. Super Mario Sunshine

60. Burnout 3 Takedown

59. Banjo Kazooie

58. Scribblenauts

57. NBA Street Volume 2

56. Mario Kart 64

55. Psychonauts

54. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

53. Galaxian

52. Peggle

51. Splosion Man

50. Ultimate Spiderman

49. Halo 3/ Metroid Prime 2

48. Shadow Complex

47. Advance Wars Dual Strike

46. Resident Evil 5

45. Metroid Fusion

44. Castlevanie Dawn of Sorrow

43. Luigi's Mansion

42. Bully/ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

41. Super Mario Bros 3

40. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

39. X Men Legends

38. Final Fantasy X

37. Super Paper Mario

36. The Sims

35. Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

34. Kirby Canvas Curse

33. Animal Crossing

32. Kingdom Hearts II

31. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

30. Paper Mario

29. Geometry Wars 2

28. Portal

27. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

26. Ratchet & Clank Going Commando

25. God of War

24. Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

23. Half Life 2

22. Red Dead Redemption

21. Paper Mario 2 The Thousand Year Door

20. Bioshock

19. Pokemon Red/Blue

18. Super Metroid

17. Legend of Zelda The Windwaker

16. Borderlands

15. Dead Space

14. God of War II

13. Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal

12. Chrono Trigger

11. Super Mario Galaxy

10. Resident Evil 4

9. Batman Arkham Asylum

8. Guitar Hero II

7. (Super) Street Fighter IV

6. Okami

5. Age of Empires II

4. Pokemon Silver/Gold

3. Metroid Prime

2. Super Mario 64







Well that concludes the list but I think I have one more blog I wanna make about all the games that didn't make it because they came out after this list started or I just forgot about them.

Favorite Games #9-2


I got all the achievements in Batman Arkham Asylum. That for me is a big deal because I actually took the time to complete every challenge in the game which is something I don't often do since it seems more like torture than fun usually. But I had a lot of fun with Batman Arkham Asylum it's an amazing game and one of the best games based on a licensed property ever released. The combat was smooth and intuitive and the stealth portions of the game were the best part. I also love the progressive equipment game design a la Metroid.


Back in late 2006/early 2007 all I could think about was Guitar Hero. I was an addict. I even justified buying Guitar Hero Rock the 80s which I knew was a complete ripoff. I was just in love with Guitar Hero. Eventually I lost the passion for it, but then Guitar Hero III came along and I became addicted again. Granted, my love for GHIII wasn't as great as GHII and I soon got over it. That luckily, was the last Guitar Hero game I bought as the thought of music games makes me sick now. But still GHII more than enough earned its place in the top ten.


Street Fighter is the king of fighters. (lol!) Seriously though, it is. I was so excited for a new Street Fighter game to finally come out. I'm not the best player out there, but I wasted countless hours trying to be a respectable one online. I like using this game to show off since everyone I know is terrible at fighting games. I main Blanka because he's my favorite character to play as. But like with other fighting games some of the best fun comes from just messing around with all the characters.

6. OKAMI (PS2)

Oh Okami why didn't more people play you? Zelda is a great series and all, but honestly I think Okami without a doubt topped Twilight Princess. Twilight Princess itself is an amazing game making #27 on my list so that's saying a lot. Okami has everything you could want in a Zelda ripoff like an epic story, a vast world to explore, many characters to intereact with and sharp controls. In addition Okami has the most unique and beautiful art$tyle I've ever seen even compared to HD consoles. Okami simply tops my favorite ps2 games.


Age of Empires, along with several other series was an addiction of mine. The first game introduced me to the world of real time strategies and got me hooked. Age of Empires II was far better than Age of Empires I so you can imagine how hooked I was. I didn't really have much access to online battles, but I spent a couple hundred hours playing custom games and making my own scenarios. The campaigns were fun too and could even be considered educational. I learned a lot from this game actually.


16 badges! This was twice the adventure of the original Pokemon games. My joy when I found out upon beating the Elite Four that you get to revisit Kanto and see how it has changed in the past 3 years and earn all the badges all over again is one of my favorite gaming moments. What a considerate addition from the developers! I think we all know how addicting Pokemon can be; trading, battling, catching, etc. Enough said.


Metroid Prime is a gaming masterpiece. It's one of the most atmospheric games in history and was an amazing feat bring Metroid into the world of first person with a positive outcome. MP, being a first person adventure rather than a first person shooter is less about the combat and more about the sense of exploration and puzzle solving. The boss battles are awesome though. It's a must play experience and one of my favorites.

2. SUPER MARIO 64 (N64)

I guess you could say the game that got me into videogames was Super Mario Bros. on the NES of which I used to play when I was about 5 years old on my dad's NES. It wasn't until I saw Super Mario 64 that I fell in love with Mario games. Mario 64 is responsible for my love of games. I got all 120 stars when I was probably around 7 or 8 years old and I was pretty proud of myself. Anyway this game was a masterpiece.

Favorite Games #16-10

We're getting there!


Borderlands isn't a great single player experience, but if you have a few friends to play with, this is one of the best co-op games you can find. Borderlands was marketed as the game with a bazillion weapons and this is no lie. There were 17,750,000 weapons on release and even more with every dlc (and the dlcs are good). Sharing weapons with friends to emphasize your strengths is one of the best parts of co-op and hoping you find a rare one everywhere you go is part of the charm.

15. DEAD SPACE (360)

A nearly perfect game to me that is everything Resident Evil 5 should have been. Moving and aiming can be done in survival horror Capcom! The only flaws I could point to in this game are for things that weren't there such as a multiplayer mode, more weapons, or much incentive to keep playing after its over. I like games that have great atmosphere and this game definitely fits into that category. I can't wait for Dead Space 2.


God of War II is one of the coolest and most badass games ever. While the story may not be all that different from the first game, it is basically that story x10 on the epic scale. God of War II is really just a refinement of everything God of War started from gameplay to graphics to story to abilities and weapons. It's Greek mythology and beat em up gameplay at its finest. I am infinitely jealous of you if you've played God of War III.


I think a lot of people underestimate Ratchet and Clank because of the cartoonish graphics and think it is some kiddy platformer that can't possibly be that entertaining. Well actually Ratchet and Clank is one of the most addicting and all around fun action games around. As always there's the awesome selection of 23 weapons like the plasma whip, qwack o ray, and the spitting hydra. Plus online multiplayer, good writing and the hilarious Captain Qwark platformer make this the best Ratchet and Clank of all the ps2 ones atleast and a game I can only describe as perfect.


The best traditional JRPG ever. Chrono Trigger has one of the most interesting premises, great characters and revolutionary rpg gameplay for its time. In fact, Chrono Trigger by ditching random battles is still more advanced than many rpgs that come out today. The story lasts for a very long time and there are multiple endings you can go for. (I think there's 13 in all) Chrono Trigger was way ahead of its time and a lot more interesting than Final Fantasy. It's a shame the Chrono series hasn't had enough success for Square to continue it.


Super Mario Galaxy is all about level design. Sure it has tight controls as Nintendo has done with 3D Marios since Mario 64 and the graphics are still among the best you can find on the wii, but it's these things plus the level design that makes SMG a masterpiece. The levels have every crazy twist you can throw in a game from gravity and physic changes to sidescrolling sections to things like levels where you need to use Mario's bee powers to fly. The game is a gem.


This was the reinvention of the Resident Evil series and to an extent the reinvention of action shooters in general. This is the point where Resident Evil changed from clunky survival horror series to revolutionary action game. Sure some people still prefer the old $tyle and they have a point that the scares are not quite there (especially in RE5) but I personally don't need cheap scares to make a game worthwhile and that's why I'll take RE4 any day.

Nobody Commented My Blog

It got 0 comments. >.< I can see I'm not very popular on here anymore. Maybe people just don't like my favorite games series... I will be finishing it regardless. :P

Anyway umm Defense Grid is pretty freakin addicting. And I will be updating my favorite games soon.

Favorite Games #20-17

20. BIOSHOCK (360)

Bioshock is the first (good) game that I played on the 360 and thus holds a special place on my list. The game is wonderfully atmospheric and the story plays out beautifully. There are no boring cutscenes here, only memorable real time moments. Rapture is one of the best and most interesting worlds we have in videogames.


I think Pokemon is secretly on everybody's list. I played the hell out of this game and so did everyone my age. This game's enjoyability benefited a lot from the extreme popularity of Pokemon. Trying to compete and trade with your friends got everybody addicted. Oh and most of the cool Pokemon are from the original 150.


Super Metroid holds up incredibly well to this day. Really only second to Mario and Tetris in terms of old games that still play well. Super Metroid is still the perfect 2D Metroid game and I don't think it has been bested by any 2D sidescroller since.


I didn't know about the backlash this game got pre release until after I played it. Any backlash against the art **** was unjust because the art **** was awesome and so was the game. I still haven't played Ocarina yet, but until I do (in March) this remains my favorite Zelda.

In Love with Arrested Development + Favorite Games #24-21


A select few people hate this game and say it didn't feel like a real Metroid game and felt too much like an fps. Those people...don't even get me started on those people. I had a few problems with the game: the bosses weren't as good as in previous games (except for the other hunters they were awesome), the game was a little too easy and the ending wasn't the best. But the rest of the game...Great. There's the beautiful level design, probably the best in the series, the wii controls that are much better than the standard controller format of the first two games, you finally get to use your ship, and the puzzles and items are as fun to solve as ever.

23. HALF LIFE 2-Orange Box (360)

I missed out on this game back when it was really impressive, but I got to play it 5 years later and can vouch for its awesomeness. It was cool playing a story in an fps that I was actually interested in. (Halo 3 didn't do it for me) Now I'm waiting eagerly with the rest of the Half Life fans for Valve to actually do something with Half Life. It helps knowing I haven't had to wait as long as most people though.


My favorite Rockstar game so far. The campaign story was just beautiful. I hated that ending at first, but it feels like a movie. It would have been a perfect ending for a movie. The game was amazing it was vast and filled with detail and so much to see and do. The only problem I had with the game is that every mission seemed to slyly switch back and forth between ride horse to destination, kill bandits, and kill bandits while riding horse wagon. But it was just something I noticed was funny, because it was still a blast.


My first Mario RPG and the highest on this list. This game was so funny and clever it had me laughing out loud. It also includes two of my favorite levels ever in a game: the glitz pit and the train. That was one of the things I loved is that they always found new creative ways to structure a level.

In other news I started watching Arrested Development after hearing so much positive stuff about it. I'm already up to season 2 and loving it. One of my favorite shows for sure.

I got 3 downloadable games last month so I could take advantage of the free points deal microsoft was doing. I got Super Meat Boy, Comic Jumper and Defense Grid. Comic Jumper is pretty good, Super Meat Boy is AWESOME and I haven't played Defense Grid yet. I have points to get a fourth game and am wondering what to get. Maybe Castle Crashers or Braid. Or the RDR zombie content. I don't know!

Favorite Games #28-25

28. PORTAL (360)

For being a bonus game in the Orange Box, Portal was a shock to everyone when it became the standout title of the package. Portal may be incredibly short, but what it had in great supply was originality and humor. It's rare these days that a game can standout as being something completely new and refreshing, but Portal did just that. I can't wait for Portal 2.


Twilight Princess may not have had the prettiest graphics on a technical level, but the art design of the game is amazing. The characters, enemies, dungeons, etc all were given attention and details aplenty. Everything just looks good. I would love to see this game with a better resolution. Nintendo managed to once again craft an epic adventure with Zelda that doesn't disappoint. Sure, the bosses were way too easy, but they were still well designed.


Ratchet and Clank was good, but I think it was with Going Commando that the series hit its stride. Luckily for Ratchet and Clank, the series is filled with great comical characters like Captain Qwark who make the story aspects a joy to watch. The plethora of weapons are the real draw though. Weapons ranged from humorous yet surprisingly helpful to straight up badass. And you could upgrade them all just by using them.

25. GOD OF WAR (PS2)

One of the best action games of all time is God of War. The story of a man who sets out to kill Ares is truly an epic one and my love for Greek mythology just makes it more enjoyable. I loved fighting mythical creatures and the presence of the Greek gods in a videogame. A videogame that is actually very good. And epic.

Favorite Games #32-28

Getting close...somewhat...


I think that Kingdom Hearts II is definitely the superior of the two playstation 2 Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts was great and offered a wonderful look into what would happen if Disney and Final Fantasy collided. Kingdom Hearts II greatly improves upon the formula by tightening the controls and improving little things like the gummi ship sequences.


This is pretty much where the series started and ended for me. I played THUG 2 and it was good, but it wasn't nearly as memorable as THPS3. I would spend hours trying to beat everyone's trick attack scores. Then I discovered the cheat codes and things got ridiculous...


Yet another Mario RPG. They just all have really fun stories and characters. The gameplay is simple, but it's the art$tyle and the writing that make these games great.


This is the coolest game ever. EVER. The best part of it is how lame the game title sounds compared to the awesomeness of its contents. It's a great game for parties where people are taking...umm well you know. It's a great light show.