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rage against the machine?a short blog

it seems indie games are a hit in this current generation of consoles why is that i thought?i looked at alot of them on PS store alot are these 2D type of games but i decided well if sony is selling kool aide might as well take a sip.So i bought a couple and i can see the appeal there not as expensive as Triple A titles theres alot of replay ability but i also feel that sony/mircosoft are trying to shove this down the consumers throat along with VR(a whole another topic in general)now the reason why i feel like there trying to shove it down are throats is because at just about every conference they wont shut up about it

Mircotransactions....mircotransactions everywhere

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For Years in the gaming community there have has been DLC something i for some reason always hated people now go and spend 60 dollars for a game in stores or more in other places/countries so to ask games to pay for even more for the game they bought i always found strange i belive thats more of a publishers thing then the devolper but mircotransactions i always viewed as something for F2P titles i know just like DLC its optional but i guess im just fed up with money hungry publishers trying to bleed gamers dry heres the thing if your game is going to retail stores then there is no need for mircotransactions in the first place

Does Porn ruin a Video game Console my experiment says yup

Does Pornographic materials ruin a console yes it does over a 4 month Span one Xbox 360 was exposed to Pornographic materials well another wasn't the results was surprisely the One system that was exposed to the Pornographic Material run louder and hotter the fan noise also increased dramatically compared to the one that was used to just play video games by the way bought stranglehold damn thats a bad ass game anyways the one console that was exposed to the pornographic materials as now as trouble with the user interface video games and other console funictions i did this little experment when IGN.com and other media outlets basicly started promting pornographic materials being used on consoles this was the results i have found

Warframe does the lack of a story driven campaign hurt the overall game???

Yes and No i think the developers want to make people wonder about the game setting in the world but i do feel if they add a story driven campaign they can close alot of loop holes and settle alot of questions me i stopped bothering to figure it out a long ass time ago i think if they ever do a story driven campaign it should be set around the very first warframe/tenno aka excalibur he was the first

anyways does the lack of a story driven campaign hurt warfrane or help it???

Adam sandler to make a american verison of the korean comedy called hello ghost

I saw the korean drama/comedy of this movie and i liked it i thought it was funny and added a good mix of the grenes it does have me worried though that it is getting a american type verison lets be honest he its adam sandler he is a good actor but i do have some doubts in the oringal flim a young trys to commit suicide by swallowing a bunch of pills wakes up in the hospital and starts getting hunted by ghost he thinks he doesnt know all in all in the end it was his family it was a very touching movie TBH so you can see since i am a fan of that movie why i have my worries i hope that adam brings in the oringal writers of the korean movie called hello ghost

a dumbass and online gaming

i grew up on sega before the whole online console gaming took off in the 90s i honestly play more offline then online when it comes to your shooters its almost always the same you have your team death capture the flag basicly the same old same old kinda tireing really however listening to little kids complain whine and moan for no reason just because you shot them in the face kinda refeshing.online gaming i think has become sometype of werid must have and for dev`s to make it and bow down to the publishers they but in muilitiplayer i honestly can say online gaming really is peace of heaven especialy when they have to but more time into online then the offline i can see why do to the mass appeal of it but some goods do well even without a online muilitiplayer batman arkham aslyhum and batman arkham city i think can be used as a exsample 


well is online gaming a always must have or not?