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The Slow Death of Freedom

The more institutionalized a people become, the less freedom they truly have. It is the weak, the cowardly and the dependent that need the institution. It is the Brave, the Strong and the Independent who seek freedom. It is THEY who are the ROOT providers. They are the visionaries and the innovators. It is they who are the volunteers.

It falls then, to the Brave, the Strong and the Independent to also bear the mantle of provider. As such, it also falls upon the providers to decide the allocation of that resource rather than allowing Tyrannical Institution to do so.

The Tyrannical Institution preys on the weak while telling them 'You need me to protect you against the strong'. Typically, those who claim otherwise are either afraid of facing hardship or think so poorly of those facing it, as to castrat...e them to inefficacy. Sadly, in the name of 'peace' and 'fairness' many people are just not seeing the truth. We should help our brothers and sisters who are hurting out there. We should help them get up and learn to fish. It is unfortunate that the Tyrannical Institution feels that it should steal fish from the Providers in order to maintain power among the weak.

Hitler was one who sought to steal the fish of provision in order to gain the influence of a disenfranchised populace. It is always thus that Tyranny gains it's foothold. It is ALWAYS 'for the people'. A government should fear it's people. Hitler was not afraid of his people. I am curious just how afraid our government is of us. I think due to the inherent cowardice and institutionalization of so many of our young, another Tyrant is on the way. I, for one, will be vigilant.