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I *heart* Microsoft!

No, that's not a typo, I love Microsoft! :oops:

It's not a favorable or popular opinion in most circles, but I'm fine with that. My two favorite gaming systems are the Xbox 360 and my PC which runs Microsoft Windows Vista. Is this an attempt at gaining MS's favor and perhaps getting some freebies, no (though anything sent my way I won't reject :P)

I came to this realization yesterday after having finally got past a super easy boss in Star Wars Force Unleashed, for some reason I was completely stuck at this point for a long time and I'm still kinda unsure as to why, then I completed 6 levels last night and earned 12 more Achievements... and here's where the love was realized.

After having played Mass Effect a while back, discovering and loving the Achievement system I bought a new PC with Vista, and after getting used to the constant prompts for security I really like the layout, the ALT+Tab view options, navigation, heck even the backgrounds that came with the system. I especially enjoy how my old games look refreshed and renewed, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic looks better and plays better today then it did a few years ago when I first played (of course that's my processor and graphics card more than anything). But I put the 360 on the backburner so to speak, because I had this new gaming rig to play with.

Having finally surpassed this ridiculously easy boss in SW Force Unleashed and finally moving on (and not falling off bridges etc) as the Achievements started to pour in I started to enjoy the game more and more. As you all are well aware, when you get really stuck in game, it's not fun, it's frustrating... I already had the game on my To-Sell list for Ebay! Believe me! But the Achievements brought me back in. I really am terribly addicted to them. It's sad, isn't it?

This brings me back to the topic of this blog post, I really do love Microsoft. Yeah they may be a greedy, manipulative, bazillion-dollar monopoly who crushes their competitors without even the slightest blink, but hey, they do make some fun and very useful products. (there go my freebies)

Now just add Achievements to the Xbox Originals and you're GOLDEN! :D (Really just Dreamfall and Jade Empire, maybe Destroy All Humans? :P)

360 Offline Co-op Games?

Anyone know of any decent 360 Offline co-op games? This weekend Vee was over and we tried everything I own, nothing with a decent co-op (damn GTA4 with it's false 2-4 co-op mode that isn't actually available).

GS Sponsored Advertisements

So I check GameSpot at work all the time. Reply to posts and post in my Union, read game reviews etc. I enjoy the site and find it usually tolerable but lately when checking the site at work I've felt uneasy at this constant "Hottest College Girl 2008" advertisement that keeps popping up. It really looks like I'm looking at an R-rated site if you pass by my cubicle quickly. The ads for other things like Gamer Instinct Panel, the half man/half horse (think this is AXE), Credit reports etc are all fine. Even the occasionally large-breasted ad for a new fantasy RPG is ok. But I'm really sick of seeing this particular ad. Ugh.

We are Established!

Hooray! The Elders Union is now in exsistance! Come on by and say Hello!

The Elders Union

We're slim pickin's right now but the Home Page and Forum will be spiffier by the end of the week! (Yes, I said spiffy, I'm old, remember?)

Elders Union - Coming Soon

Hey All,

I've decided after several years of being on GameSpot and formerly having a UCB when I had a subscriber account that I'd create my own Union. The Union is currently awaiting 2 more Charter Members to accept the invitation *fingers crossed*. This Union will be a place to find other gamers of the older pursusian to play online with, review games, share opinions and just chat about the day-to-day in a (hopefully) mature manner.

The union will be called The Elders Union (like you didn't figure that out already from the title of this blog post) and will consist mainly of 22+ year old GameSpot regulars, however, everyone is welcome to post. The basic principles of the union are simple, no fanboyisms, no spam posting and trying to maintain a place where us older gamers can find others around our same age to talk with and play games with. (And yes, I know there are 17 year olds that are more mature than I (PMAC) and 40 year olds that are childish (not naming anyone here, lol), that's why the age rule isn't really a rule, just kind of a guideline of sorts.

Hope we make it! Come on Charter Members... Let's go!!! :oops:

Alone in the Dark so far...

Started Alone in the Dark last night for a few hours (wish I didn't work so I could be home playing it right now... :( )
It's good so far, but man I can't believe how many times I died in this game already and I'm only on Episode 2...

Here are some examples:
I set myself on fire and died
I stood in one place trying to figure out what to do so long that I died
I let go of a ledge and fell into flames and died
I got hit by an exploding car 3 times and died
I put out a bunch of fire around me but not the patch of fire I was standing on and died
I fell out a window and died
When I encountered the first enemy I couldn't figure out what to do and died
When swinging on a cable near an electrical outlet I touched it and died
While rappelling down the side of a building I stayed in one place too long and got hit with crumbling debris and died
I broke into a car and couldn't figure out how to start the engine so an enemy pulled me out of the car through the window and guess what... I died.

I unlocked 2 Achievements so far, one being the Blackout Achievement, apparently you can go through Episodes without encountering all sequences? How is that possible and why would you do that? Odd.

MySpace and Gaming Update

Hey Peoples,

It's been WAY too long since I've blogged! :(

I haven't moved, just expanded out to MySpace finally! That's only taken like FOREVER! I'll still be here to track my games and friends on GameSpot of course.

Game Update:
I've finished 8 games, yes 8 so far in 2008!!!
1) Mass Effect
2) Resident Evil 4
3) Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
4) Brain Age (finished all the Sudoku levels so I count this as a finish!)
5) Barrow Hill
6) The Simpsons Game
7) Next Life
8 ) Shadow of Destiny

2/3 Through the Next Generation

It's been what seems like forever since I last blogged, 4th quarter is super busy for me at work and at home, with family and get-togethers like every weekend, holiday parties and shopping/wrapping gifts... Oy! It's pretty much over for now (minus the New Year's Partay this evening) I didn't meet my 4th quarter gaming goal (though I met them throughout the rest of the year) because I not only didn't finish 3 games this quarter, I didn't finish ANY! I played a few though.

Friday, December 28th I hit the mall and picked up an Xbox 360, added to my Wii, I'm now 2/3 of the way through the Next Generation, I figure I'll need a better TV for the PS3 and can't get myself to spend the doh on that particular system just yet. I picked up and so far love Dead Rising... how awesome is it to run through a line of moaning zombies with a lawn mower?! Or run them down in a car?! SWEET! :)

The games I've been playing (not finishing) are Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (I'm stuck on Talos' second form... ARGH! Yes, the last boss in his Last form!!!), Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, The Simpsons Game, Resident Evil 4 (picked this up again and have gotten to Krauser...annoying!), Brain Age, Dementium: The Ward and some of the 360 Arcade.

That's the update for now... have a Happy New Year all! :)

Resident Evil: Extinction plus stuff...

LOL Stuff...

Resident Evil: Extinction (3) is coming out on September 21st, who's going to go see it? I'll be there on opening day, even though it doesn't follow RE3 AT ALL... (Las Vegas vs. London, eh?)

Gaming Goals 3rd Quarter Update:

1. Titan Quest (PC)
2. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (PC)
3. Syberia (PC)
4. Keepsake (PC)

I've also successfully completed my 3rd quarter gaming goals with almost a whole month to spare! Yay me! :)