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My presents, superman boxers, and a new union.

hey guys whats happening? How was everyone's Christmas? Hope yours was as good as mine. I got Madden 06, NBA live 06, Ratchet Deadlocked, and Smackdown VS Raw 06. I also got wireless ps2 and xbox controllers. And yes, I even got a pair of superman boxers:

I also started a new union called Creations. Its a union where you show off your skills.

keep it real 8)

My birthday is in 3 more days WooooHooo

Ya you heard it, my birthday in T-minus 3 days on the 24th. Well, I can't wait for Christmas either. I'm psyched! So who else is waiting for the 25th?

NEways, the colts lost their undefeated season against the chargers LoL which was funny as heck.

Well, in case I don't post before the 24th and 25th:

Merry Christmas!!

I'm back on GS

Whats up fella's? The man with the S on his chest is back. So whats been goin on here at GS.

NEways, I have recently bought a few games that are really good. I got NFS Most Wnated, Jak X, and coming soon Ratchet Deadlocked. Well, other than this I have been great.

Happy Thanksgiving eve!!!

Keep it real guys 8)

Its Wednesday and it feels good

Well, its wednesday and it feels good. Why you ask? B/c I am ready for my senior year at school. I haven't been wanting to go back for the final year but hey, since its my last year I better start enjoyin it...ya feel me?

NEways, another reason I'm feelin good is b/c I read my books for the summer finally so that means no Ds and Fs to start the year out :lol: I am gonna try again to get a 4.0 for the whole year. Also, you know what sucks though? I had to fork over 70 bucks for my $40 parkin pass at school, my senoir fee of 15 bucks, and my $15 fee for raisin money for my graduation and prom. My prom better be good for the 15 I paid :lol:

Well, guess I'm out. Hope you guys are feelin good today too.

Keep it real :)

My rating of Fantastic Four: A Fantastic Four out of 10

The movie was alright. It wasn't as good as Spiderman and definitely not better that Batman Begins. It was way better than DareDevil and The Hulk. Overall it was rated a fantastic four by me. I think 'm gonna go see The Bad New Bears, it looks funny.

NEways, does anyone use Myspace? I do and my url is
Its my new myspace and I have some hot girls as friends too. Its cool I guess. I recommend you all making an account and added me to your friends list....that will be cool I think. Maybe all the hella cool ppl at teh Coffe Cup would be on my list. You know who you are :wink:

Well, gues I will get back to postin. Holla at you dogs lata

Keep it real :)

Ownage Central-What should I name my board?

Whats up fellas? Well its Saturday wooooohooo!!!!! Bad thing, I got to go to work 2:45 to 9:45 today which stinks. But atleast I got to post this today for my buddies.

Well, I will be going complete here before long and I might have a go at a UCB. What should I name it and what should it be about? I love platform gaming but I don't know if I will make a platforming UCB. How about Ownage Central? Or Ownage something? I don't know give me some names. And I will be needing mods to so let me know, if I do the UCB thing, if you want to be. The thing is you have to be cool 8) Not a n00b. Really don't want n00bs at the board.

Well school starts on the 12th or the 15th, don't know which one but it will start soon. I was suppose to read books for my Senior English 4 AP class but haven't yet :P Maybe I should start reading those 5 books before hand. Don't really want to start my last year at high school with a D or F in english :lol:

NEways, hope everything is rollin fine with you guys.

Keep it real :)

This Journal has been approved ownage

Whats happenin guys? I have been workin a lot lately. To much if you ask me. Well, school starts in a few weeks :( The good news is its only for one more year!!!! WoooooHooooo!!!!!

NEways, went fishin and caught me 2 bass, 4 bluegill, and 1 catfish. 7 is good I guess. I'm goin to the lake tomorrow for a swim. Its been gettin close to 100 here in TN which sucks.

Neways, hope all is well with my peeps.

Keep it real :)

5..4..3..2..1..Blast off....I'm goin complete

Whats happinin guys......I haven't posted in the journal for awhile so thought I should.

Well I have finally decided to go complete.....Since I will be able to make my own board when I do.....I want all veterans to hear me......the board will be called "For Veterans Only" or somethin like that

keep it real guys :)