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3 new games in the future

in the past there have been many legenddary games but 3 games i would like to see in the future are

1 super smash bros ds

2 super mario football

3 wario world 2 or new play control wario world {wii}

super smash bros ds

In recent years ds has been called the baby system or the little kids system but still us hardcore gamers still beg for more wii and ds games that are alot more fun.stillwe all know the smash bros series has been on the n64 the gamecube and the wii but is it ds's turn to contiune the series we shall find out

is resident evil becoming less scary

When you play a resident evil game you expect horror like in number 4 but now resident evils plots are usaully about something that has to do with africa or a virus or something making it less scary and more like an action adventure game resident evil is about unsolved mysteries about zombies and how they became zombies or watching old leon get his head cut by a chainsaw weildind maniac is the definition of scary

sonic meets link?

In sonics previous game sonic unleashed sonic may not have had a thrill ride for players by adding werehog stages but after words sonics new game and the black knight will it be a sucess or not. Sonic meets link holy crap whoever said sonic was the new link by running fast and slashing and hacking enemies with a sword but still sega really needs to focus more on sonics plot for his new games. otherwise sonic must not copy the abiltiys of link

Does wii have a chance?

the year 08 has been a bad year for the wii us hardcore gamers have been waiting for something new we want the m games in the house no e or c games with little baby exercise games but still will the wii have a chance for the gold medal in 09 they always say champions will rise but who is the real winner:twisted: