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It's my birthday! 6 days ago. =P

YAY! 6 days ago I hit the golden age of 17 years young. Great for me. I know it's a bit late, but I've been caught up at the job and working late shifts and coming back tired for the entire of the last week.

I just wanna update my blog and say Happy Canada day to all Canadian GS'ers and Happy 4th of July for all Americans. :)

So for my birthday I got...

Wish he didn't sound like a tool though...

Infamous. Great game, I really needed a good platformer. The fact it's a superhero game is just icing on the cake.

A PSN card from my younger brother. (No idea where the hell he gets money from...)

Bought Joe Danger with it. If you have the money, buy it, it's awesome.

I also got $50 Canadian and a desk lamp from the neighbours.( :lol: ) (They're great people, surprised they just didn't say a happy birthday and a card or something.) I got board shorts and a t-shirt and of course many calls from family and friends.

That's all for the blog update. Allow me to play you out.

Necro -I need drugs. (It's actually a good song.)