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No, they're not. Sorry to disappoint you.:P

It's been a while since I've made a blog, it's been since Easter actually, I suppose 2 months is more than enough time to accumulate somethings interesting. So my update is as follows...


There's been a thing with me and the music I listen to. I was never really a huge guy who was terribly into music. I listened to what I liked, This would range from Jazz to Nu Metal. Lately, I figured, if I liked a little bit of music, why not get the albums of the artists I like the most?

And so I did.

I've downloaded Man on The Moon and Cudi's other mixtapes, Lupe Fiasco's albums and mixtapes, Daft Punk's albums, Drake's mixtape, and one of QOTSA's albums along with Them Crooked Vultures album (Which I just heard today and is AMAZING.) an album by an obscure song named 'Reverie Sound Revue' and some dubstep songs. So I've got quite a bit of music and I want more. So if you have any good songs, tell me some and I'll listen to them and hopefully I'll download the album. (I'm not THAT into Nu metal. >_> )


I saw Valentine's Day for Mothers Day. The All-Star cast was stretched too thin and was fairly mediocre to say the least... Yeah, don't watch it. Unless you're in for that inevitable chick flick.

Planning to see Iron Man 2 very soon though. :D


-I just downloaded The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. I've always had the game, but I never played it because it always confused me when I was younger and eventually threw it out during a clean-up one year. I'm glad I bought it. :)

-In another turn of nostalgic events, I also bought SW: Dark Forces off the PS store and it's exactly as I remembered it, fun.

- I also downloaded the MW2 stimuluspackage and it's much better than the maps the game originally has. The maps are a lot more compact and allow better use of an SMG, which was always my weapon in other CoD games. The small maps are a breath of fresh air.

That's everything for now guys. Allow me to play you out. ;)

Reverie Sound Revue - We're The Opposite of Thieves