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George Lucas thinking of making new Star Wars trilogy


Well, I don't know what to say. Star Wars is a huge part of my childhood life. I loved the original and I relatively liked the prequels, and I've played tons of games in between. This may be milking the cow a bit too much, but there's so much potential in this, as there has always been with Star Wars.

It might be set a couple of hundred years past Episode VI, so Lucas won't have to rely on past material, smart move I guess.

All that I can really hope for is a trilogy that is awesomely written with awesome action and has awesome characters that I could proudly show to my kids when I have some. The prequels may have sucked in terms of writing and characters but writers have been getting better at understanding the SW mythos, with the apparently 'successful' Clone Wars TV show (I'm going to have to watch it, if it's so good....) and the story of TFU. Oh well.

*Crosses fingers*