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Batman: Under the Red Hood. A movie review

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I've liked comics but never to the extent of love, cosplay and downright humilation in front of my peers when I was younger while on the playground. Not until recently. My brother, one day came back from work with a stock pile of comics, saying he borrowed them from his friends. He allowed me to read some of them, they consisted of Marvel Civil War, Superman comics, Blade comics but many of them were Batman.I read HUSH, Dark Knight and Arkham Asylum. And with that, I was sent into Super Hero euphoria. I started watching movies and none of them stood out of my mind as much Under the Red Hood.

Simply said, this movie is amazing and delivers exactly a Batman epic should.

The movie starts with The Joker brutally beating Jason Todd, the Robin at this time. Robin is trapped in a warehouse and we have no idea as to how he got there. When Joker finishes with him, the Joker gives his final goodbye to his enemy with a bomb that explodes before Batman can rescue him.

...What? Are you this behind in the Batman world? Want another spoiler? The climax of the Gospel of John, JESUS DIES.

Anyways, Batman is distraught and recognizes his greatest failure. 5 years later, a man under the guise as Red Hood comes into Gotham city and takes over the majority of Gotham's drug trade by murdering his way to the top with his own code that almost mirrors Batman, with the Red Hood stating that he 'does what he won't.' Red Hood takes control of the drug trade to control the crime with eliminating competition with maximum bloodshed and maximum efficency and shows no remorse killing the criminals of Gotham.

NightWing comes in as Batman's partner in the story, and constantly makes Batman realize the juxtaposition with how Dick Grayson was a successful Robin and how Jason Tood was far more violent and how Bruce ultimately failed Jason as a father figure and as a friend with the movie showing flashbacks from Jason's beginning as Robin to his maturity. The story maintains a fair pacing with much tension and emotion will keep you absorbed with Batman's conflicts.

Batman must face The Red Hood that challenges him, the villains of Gotham's drug trade and Batman's very moral ethic.

Batman: Under the Red Hood does a lot of things well. The animations are refreshing, completely different from shows as well as the art ****being different. The action sequences are exciting and well choreographed ( The fight with Fearsome Hand of Four will stand out quite nicely.) and the story is emotional.

It's also very mature, the maturity of storytelling is evident by the very beginning and shares fairly dark overtone in a similarity to Chris Nolan's Batman movies. But this Batman doesn't relate to Chris Nolan's Batman in much else, or anything else related to the TV shows. Instead this movie relates more to the comics, (The movie flashes back to when The Red Hood was the Joker and shows how he was created.) with situations that date back to the 50's but re tells it more modernly, of course.

The voice actors are superb as well, but not with the nostalgia. With such a dark Batman story, you will wish that Kevin Conroy was still Batman, but it will not be. Same with The Joker, with the voice actor being Futurama's Bender, John DiMaggio and not the instantly recognizable Mark Hamill, but as said, the voice acting is so well done that you won't mind and will really enjoy it.

Batman Under the Red Hood is an engaging story from start to finish and will hold its place as DC's greatest animation movies as well as mine. This movie is a must-see and I recommend it to anyone who even just relatively likes Batman. It's a truly delightful film, go, find it and see it nao.

-The now movie critic, Supa_badman.