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I'm still here.

Change occurs in everyone's life, good and bad. Some will tell you how they've found exciting and new, some say that life is malevolent and offers brutal truths.Everyone's moving, in a state of flux, pushing onward towards the challenges and excitements and sorrows and doubts that will ensue.

But I'm still here.

They'll pile me with inquiries and stories they'll want to tell. They'll look at me, expecting, waiting, but no answer will come.

I haven't succeeded, I haven't failed. I just died a little inside and no one would want to care. I'd tell them about past stories and stories I hope soon to tell, but nothing about the present, because there's nothing there.

Change happens, for better or for worse, with change comes experience in hopes for a better tomorrow.

They've all moved ahead. For better or for worse. They've all looked ahead. I'm stuck on the floor running on the spot on the sticky sameness that condemns me, almost taunting me. For neither better or worse.

And I'm still here.

Take from this what you will, but I just wanted to try something new for a blog. Have a nice day.

...So I guess I could tell you about myself?

Hell, it's not like I have much else to talk about anyway, because I'm an unbelieveable cretin who leads a boring life, plus seeing 'I'm going away to a cottage tommorrow' will confuse a couple of people, seeing how the summer is now over :o

But if anything here's an update of my life so far:

  • I watched District 9 not too long ago and it was smart and amazing, (quite the opposite of me :( lol) and heads were exploding, aliens were being oppressed and the white South Africans were cussing so much that they probably grew up with the F-bomb so much that the movie made it feel like that's how they say 'Hello' over there.
  • I'm finally getting my PS3 back, after a cruel summer away from it, I became familiar with the bright sun and tans (:o) so much that I'm ready to become a mole again. Just in time for school :)
  • Speaking of which, I'm heading to Grade 11, and frankly I'm excited, I have big expectations for this year, and I hope everything goes well.


About Me

- I'm latino, more specifically Nicaraguan (Sadly, not a lot of people know where that is on a world map, and I usually have to show them.)

-I'm white. Yeah, latino and white, white to the point that the cafeteria lady started talking to me in Italian. (Not that I'm half latino or anything, I'm full, but apparently I have Portugese or Spanish ancestors)

-supa_badman was a name I made up only for GS, I thought I wouldn't be on here much so I just made the first name that came to my head :lol:

-I'm a really devout Catholic, you may not see it so much, if at all because I hate getting into arguments/talking about it, I respect the other persons decision even though I don't necessairily agree with it if they have a different religion (Or lack thereof) , which many people still have to learn, I find.

- I used to be really shy at one point in my life, then really loud and cocky, now I feel I found a balance

-I'm 16, like 78% of all GameSpot :P

- I love soccer, (Brasil, Real Madrid and Manchester United RULE! WHOO!) but I don't watch or follow much else, except for hockey, a little bit.

-I'm ecelectic when it comes to music, I could be listening to Classic rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, some Metal, grunge, Whatever, you get it. Sticking to just one type of music is rather boring imo.

And there's more, but I'm on the internet and thus a little creepy, until next blog then :)

Q-Tip-Gettin' Up

For you Cody :P I'm making you love Hip Hop :D

Gaming **** (So does Half-Blood Prince) without much games.

While you try to figure out the title, I got a gaming update blog (As lame as these are, it is a gaming website :lol: ) first ever :o

To be quite frank, the gaming update is small. My ps3 is dead, thus leading me to try other stuff.Such as PC COD 4, I was so into the game with the ps3 that I ended up getting the PC version (I pirate YARR. Get at me. YAR.) Which is better imo than the console games. It surprises me that I got into PC FPS's and that it might lead me to move on to bigger and better fps's, it works great with mouse and keyboard controls, although the lowest sensitivity on PC = 9 on senstivity level on the consoles. But all in all it's pretty good, especially the dedicated servers. Then other PC games like KOTOR 2, Fable (I actually bought that with my money.) Jedi knight 2, and StarWars: Republic Commando (See a trend? :shock: ) all of which are great single player experinces, but don't have the lasting appeal as multiplayer.

Next as a birfday present I got a psp, in which I got hacked(YAR.) Thus limiting me to as many games as my 4 gig memory stick can hold. Which leads to the games I have on the 'now playing list' on my profile and more:o

Patapon 2's nice, although that doesn't change much from the first one. SF Alpha 3 is a great game with tons of characters and variety, Prinny is a great but frustrating little gem, Valkyrie Profile is...Depressing :? and am waiting for Dissidia to come out :D

The PSP's a great machine, it;s just there is a surprising lack of games for it. Thankfully 09 and '10 have more in store.


I saw the new harry potter movie and it wasn't all that good. I read from reviews that it was a fantastic movie and dark and all that crap, but to my surprise it was not anything special (Except Emma Watson. *Fap* Sorry. :P )

It didn't follow much of the events from the movie, with the exception of the dialogue. It just felt that there was no enthusiasm as the other movies. Half-Blood Prince was a big book and they cut a lot. One of these was actually has a huge showdown in Hogwarts in which more than 2 people die and all out carnage, which there was none of to my disappointment :x

Damn movie business.

Hormones were raging. The acting was half-baked and lack of killing was disappointing.

Supa does not recommend.

Now I treat you to Lupe Fiasco. Actually I treat Cody13_2012 because his music taste is so different from mine I MUST IMPOSE!

Nonetheless, Lupe Fiasco - Switch-

Marvel? What the hell is this?

"Well, we want to appeal to different audiences so we can ruin a great fanbase in exchange for another one!"

If you've been paying attention to the Marvel comics and all the hoo-ha's (Probably not, not many pay attention to the 'nerdy' comics anywaybecause you think you're so cool...*grumble*:x)then you probably have learned that Marvel has opened its awesome widely known comics to a different world! Anime!

Frankly, I'm not for it. I hate anime (That's not true I love DBZ and Gundam Wing but I feel ashamed and have emotionally cut my wrists because of it.) There's something about it I just hate, maybe it's the eyes, maybe it's the hair? Regardless, there's a strong dislike and it takes quite a bit to convince me otherwise.

But there I go rambling on... You're here for the marvel news, not me shoving my opinion into your face!

First there's Iron Man, he doesn't look too bad, as a matter of fact he looks pretty badass, and the anime shows promise so let's see how that goes.

So you can tell, it doesn't look that bad. We'll see.

Next is Wolverine. Wolverine is a badass, he is probably the biggest hero/badass in comics, so you figure, how can you fit all that awesomeness into an anime?

Well, they definitely did it,he barely looks like wolverineandhe looks like ASS.

EDIT: HTML. Freaking thing.

ANDI MEANTOTAL ASS. Looks more like Wolve-P***y to me.

However, I can't lie.Videos arebetter than words, amirite?

Iron Man and Wolve-P***y video: Here

You can see them seperately, just this HTML crap pisses the **** outta me.

Why don't I just get a frickin' job?

It's summer.

whoopdedoo. Time of my life. Seriously, the reason why I look foward to summer is my birthday, but that's about it (July 1st WHOOO! Make a blog for me! ;) )

I'd be playing my ps3 if it didn't DIEon me :x (Btw, for those of you all who have me on your friends list, don't delete me, 'cause I'm getting it back soon, you hear me? All 4 of you). So unfortunately, I got jack all to do for my summer (I want to swear in my blogs goddamnit. If I was able, I think the redundant F-bomb would be in here tons of times.)

Read a book you say? Screw you!

Watch a movie with some friends? you can tell I can't by the title and also because of the fact that I live kinda far from most of my friends.

Watch TV? Weekday television is **** :x

I went to a party yesterday, great one, friend's birthday party. With family and ALCOHOL! :o *gasp!* But because the girl's family was there, and so was mine (Family friend party, you know the deal.) there was no grinding :( Whatever, at least the food made up for it. Food can be better than dry humping, why not?

So what do I do? write a blog. yep. (lol, this blog is actually longer than most of my blogs. btw, who the hell made up the name for this? blogs? Da F?)

Then there's gamespot, the place of magic wonders on the internet, and winner of the webby's award of who the hell cares if this place is #1 gaming related place on the internet! Posting here has gotten a little better, but I might consider leaving.


At most, two of you went a litte disheartend (I hope :P)

Whatever, until school, I got the internet to keep me busy.

(LOL at my name. It's so lame.)

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