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Oh ye, the fools of April.

The time has come once again to make people lose respect for you for about a week (Yeah, I know I've done it too.) and where awkward silences come about and flourish.

I wanted to come up with some thing for the blog, like a raging one, but I figured it was too played out. *Shady eyes towards off-topic* I wanted to make a fool's article, but I already did it on the PS3 boards and it would be too obvious now. Odd that the time of the year that calls for heinous pranks is usually the most inopportune.

I stand before you with nothing but a blog, I don't got any ideas, but do me a favor and try NOT to be a victim of a prank? Because the last thing I want to do is go in to the forums and see how people cried about being victims ok?

Happy April Fools Everyone.

Song of the Blog: Actually, this one is made by me, I tried out my music skills and want hear your opinion on it. Please Feedback? Thanks. - Here

Oh snap, belated anniversary blog!

I forgot all about my anniversary blog :lol:

It's been 2 years since I've been here, and I've seen a lot of GS users come and go while I'm still posting here.

I don't think I've wasted my time here, I've learned a lot and learned different views from the ones I'm constantly around. GS has been a good influence on me I think. Thanks for everything guys :D

I have to make a blog.

So I'll just blog about some updates. :P

So I managed to plat one of my new all-time favorite game- Fallout 3 GOTY edition


Vault-Boy is awesome.

Hot diggity dog, it was a fun game. I still got 3 more DLC's to go through, and I'll do it with much pleasure. I worried about the game because I heard a lot about the game being plagued with bugs. (It isn't but God help you when you reach the end of the game. If you can get past the lag) Best game I've played since KOTOR and Oblivion (noticing a trend? :o ) With this game, it's official I would get on my knees for any Western RPG developer. They never were really big or shined out until this gen. With the lack of JRPGs, I can enjoy it before I get FF 13 when it comes out this Tuesday.

Which reminds me, I've never been excited for JRPG in a very long time, seeing how the PS3 has a limited (but growing) library of JRPGs, and now that FF13 is coming out in a few days, that giggling little school girl inside me is giggling again. AND IT REMINDED ME HOW TEDIOUS IT IS TO WAIT FOR SOMETHING AWESOME. We've heard 'okay' things about it, I've not actually read the reviews, but apparently it can be compared to FFX-2 from seeing the scores. I'm still down for it though, it's ****ing Final Fantasy.

For those who read my Escapist blog a while back should know that despite The Escapist having a great forum, it's not nearly as active as Gamespot is, so it looks like I'll spend most of my free time here. (I always make 'good-bye for now' blogs so prematurely >_>) You should check it out though, 'Go for Zero Punctuation, stay for the forums.'

Ah well, that's it for about another couple of months. TA TA!

Song of the Blog:Kid CuDi - Cudi Zone -

My generation **** s (Rant)

I feel disgusted to be 16. I feel disgusted to be around people who just are simply close-minded and ignorant. Don't take this in a way where I believe that I'm better than people my age, nor exactly am I preaching. I'm ranting.

[spoiler] I'm looking at you Jose Miguel. (My brother btw.) [/spoiler]

It seems everyone of them just can't handle things, they're not understanding. I get it, I'm 16 and people my age are clueless about many other things. But here's the problem : They're odd, homophobic (Apparently, I can't say that gay people are normal because they're not and it makes me retarded), musical elitists (You like Lil' Wayne? wow you're an idiot, Nas is so much better, but you wouldn't know.) drugged up and mind-numbingly STUPID.

They can barely see the bigger picture, they think trying to fit in with 'cooler' people and ignoring your other friends is most important and are more concerned with facebook, what they're going to wear for 'civies' day and their pictures of A) Themselves trying to look good in a mirror, ignoring that they look like tw@ts. B) Themselves with a couple of friends with popped collars and liquor looking like example douchebags many people make fun on GS and C) Themselves looking into the camera as if someone just dissed them or farted or something. Instead of school or the fact that they're jobless.

And I'm part of it. >_>

Hell, I'm just observant. But the people I deal with everyday just piss me off, and I notice it, even if they can't and/or won't.


NOTE: Not everyone in my generation is like this, in case you're politically correct and are a pain to almost everyone one you meet.

Hooray for Raging Blogs!

Happy 2010

The hell hole of a 00's decade is now over. Hope you guys had a nice party and I wish you a happy new year and several more to come :D

Ho! Ho! HOOOO!!


Anyway, it's the time again guys. Snow, drinking, presents and food. All things that I wish were every day.

Lucky Jews.

Christmas is fast approaching and I hope all of you have been behaving good so things would end up going your way :) Not much for me to update about, School's out for Christmas break and I'm working in arguably the worst job on the market: Retail. Because it's Holiday Season I won't be on very much so just don't do anything too crazy that I would regret not being here for :P

I got MW2, as a matter of fact I did a long time ago - On launch, but you know now because I don't see blogging to be such a big thing. I also got Chaos Theory for the PC now, I've been looking all over and now I finally found it. Best game ever.

So as you can see, there's not much for me to say about my life, other than me saying Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it here on GameSpot and if you guys got some ideas for some good PC games as well as tips to make retail a tad easier (:oops: :P ) let me know eh? Later.

Song of the Blog: The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Things are generalized for a reason.

I'm going to try to say something that's probably make me regret it in my own blog, but here goes.

There seems to a problem with GS and life and generalizing things. It's true, generalizing isn't really good for anyone and the stereotype can be annoying, I know, I've been there. It's just that there is a reason why latinos love tacos and why Americans are seen as arrogant people who feel they rule the world.(Dearest God. Help me out here.) The reason is simply because it just is. Many people can come up with saying that the generalization is completely not true or mostly not true, but avoiding the fact that the generalization is there because somewhere down the line, MANY people have done it enough for said generalization is integrated into their culture, at least in the eyes of other people. And no, I'm not going into racism and prejudice and religion(Because religion is too scary to get into :P), because whites usually commit the most crimes and the rich usually commit crimes on a larger scale than the poorer minority, that's fact.

If the generalization is not true, then why does the thought of it occur? There would be a reason why there is a thought like that, if it wasn't where did it come from?

Is it because they(The stereotyped) are most dominant? Is it because the media, which usually portrays it just grabs an example and loudly tells about it?

Regardless, the stereotype is there because it's an idea of what these people are like. If it weren't for stereotypes, things wouldn't be as communicative as they are now, I think. The thing that usually turns people in to a uniform is ironically the thing that helps some people out while traveling and it causes a search for truth, good or bad stereotypes.

I just think that it's kind of helps and should be shunned upon as well. Oh well. Contradicting myself in my closing sentence for a poor attempt at neutrality is not all that bad and fine by me.

Just my two cents.

Song of the blog:Go With The Flow- Queens of the Stone Age

I now turn to books for entertainment...

Holy Cheese and Crackers.

I'm gonna let you into a little secret of my life, it's not very eventful, let alone very fresh. I'm fricking 16 and I hear kids my age how their ex girlfriend cried herself to sleep because she ate too much cake a house party. WTH.

[spoiler] Actually, I got a girl to do a naughty thing, so it's not so uneventful :oops: :P [/spoiler]

So this is a new 'not so new' update on my life.

To be quite honest my day schedule is: Get up, school, come back, ps3, sleep, repeat. With the occasional chilling with a friend or two

**** >_>

So now, I've turned to something that I don't usually do but don't hate either. Books. I've read a couple so far; Lord of the Flies, and I'm reading Paradise Lost and 1984. Both pretty good though Paradise Lost is a little tedious. Also note I can't watch T.V. because Rogers cut the free cable I was leeching of them (Damn bastards :x) so I hardly watch anything but the fuzzy channel 3 news that I seldom watch, except only for weather.

If there's any shows you recommend watching on the internet or any books, let me know, cool? Cool.

But otherwise, **** your better life and gtfo. :x

Song of the Blog: Hate it or Love it - The Game

There's something about your face I don't like...

Misleading blogs FTW!

No, but seriously, I'm gonna take a break from GS, alright? I got things to do, things to plan, teenage angst to get over. Here, let me do a run down for ya:

You see I got to destroy this one Scianix Black dragon with deadly bangell99-like horns and fat (Because he likes it so much :x, so I got to use the Cody12_2012 holy sword in the temple of Spoogei, in order for the black dragon from terrorizing the citizens of the LJS9502_basic nation.

But before that, I got to call in the Raven_Squad, you see, and use their akayy_47s and their Harashawn grenades to get past all the javinho attack hawks and the dax 360 'black angels'. Then defeat the infamous Silent-Hero and Mario_Brawler. So when that's clear, I'm going to drop a Nokoyrous bomb to kill the evil generals- Sa10kun and that lastguy and the evil mad scientist DrBedlam, that started the whole incident, and maybe decapitate that Lab type monster thing, because it's an offspring of that evil Black dragon.

Then I go to head back to the musashi-sensei headquarters and party down with mr_leonis because he's a goddamn party animal, and down a whole bottle of fresh Teenaged. So saving the world is hard work :x

So as you can see, I got a whole sh!t load to do, thus cutting my time here on GS.

So...Yeah. Have fun.



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