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DX my life is awful

My boyfirend stood me up twice for a dance and I got somewhat upset with him because all of my friends who have boyfriends there boyfriends were there. Then he sent me a text message saying im sorry I stood you up again but I love you and you know I would never do anything to hurt you. Now I feel bad for getting upset. Its also raining its 2 in the morning I cant sleep!


Some of the things on here i said id do and i havent sorry bout that. Ive been kinda busy. All I really have time to do is look to see if i have any messages then mabye make a blog. Infact this is the first time ive been on here in like forever. Anyway I just wanted to say that to let you guys know that i havent forgotten about it.

Cant Think Strait!

Hey guys me and Allarb15 are making a book and I can't think of any funny ideas or anything even just random to put in it! Anyone have any good ideas?! I need some good/ funny ideas!!! Someone please help! If you have any questions about what the book is about or anything just ask! Like Allardb15 I dont bite!:P

Restarting Pokemon Diamond

I am going to restart my pokemon diamond game and you guys tell me what your favorite pokemon is and i name it after you guys and each week i am going to tell you what level your on.


I got a tooth pulled yesterday and it still hurts and everythime i brush my teeth or eat it bleeds!!!!!!!! (CRY!!! lol im not really crying of course IM NOT THAT WEAK)

Drawings For ...YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im going to draw pictures for you guys and then post them on my profile under pictures i will take requests starting..... NOW!!!! Also i will go through the todays questions and see what you guys posted and i might draw one your answers for you but i refuse to draw anything bad.

About Me

Im going to tell you guys some stuff about me. Well First off im not one to give up easily. I like reading, writting and drawing. In my spare time i will most of the time be outside or doing something that involves electronics!:P If im on the computer im mostly doing power points. Language arts and social studies are my strong points and the math and science my weak pionts. I also like to sing or try to learn how to use an instrument. I love animals and alot of anime. I have two dogs, seven cats, and four ferrets. I really like talking to my friends especially you guys. Well thats pretty much it talk to you guys later!

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