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Wii love Nintendo!!!

Alright, so I got my Wii yesterday morning from Target. It was a really fun trip. Me and my boyfriend, Nick, got there around 6AM and were 54th-ish in line. By the time we received our Wiis, we were 47th in line. There were 60 units available.

Honestly, it was the most rewarding camp-out type thing I've done. Unlike the Sony line, we had a lot fun and comradery among us, as everyone was a Nintendo fan and planned on playing the system, instead of being anxious to sell it for quick cash. We also were able to revisit old nostalgia about Nintendo that we've been unable to do ever since the 64's failure.

Overall, it was a good day, and Wii Sports is incredibly addictive. Nick got Zelda on top of it, and he's currently into that.