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LoveSick and Mario Kart


i been sick for a few days and my com was jacked up which gave me little activity here

but on the bright side(and i use this term loosely) i found that girl! :)

been wit her for a while,amazing person,actually said i love her and meant it

i make her happy,i make her smile, and like all aspects to her.

this is my first real realtionship friends. Wish me luck!

on the game news

I beat TOS2 4 times lol

Solo'ed the last boss with Emil

next goal is

A playthrough on Unknown,With 2x damage,1/2 EXP,not carrying anything over cept gald and items.

wanna make it interesting? give a suggestions to make it tougher. i will go along with it :)

Mario Kart Wifi is the worst xD

i would say only 20% of one race is actually racing

all else is items!

purely items. From now unavoidable Red Shells,Lighting,Blue Shells.Several people pass with one hit one you

i get on wifi usually on the weekends

so gimme ur FC and i'll give you my friends

he got the wifi i dont lol

I use Baby Daisy with the Bullet Bike

Mario and Daisy with the Mach Bike,Wild Wing or Classic Dragster

lastly Rosalina With Flamerunner,Spear,or Honeycoupe

If ur a Funky Kong user,play ur best game cuz i will.

The Single life...


I need a girl

sick of bein by myself most of the time

Fellas give me sum suggestions


Ladies talk to me :D

get to kno Starrfox a bit more

Coming back home

finally got some free time

and now marks my return to GS after nearly a year of inactivity

hopefully most of the old gang is here

nintendo world

i went to nintendo world with my friend

we battled others in pokemon

those kids are geeks

to the fullest lol

it was fun cuz we were all makin jokes about someone's pokemon that sucks

then some 40 year old white dude came and started arguing with us that celebi is not uber


when he showed up he ruined all the fun

my friend won 2 battles

i won 2 also

the first one was funny cuz some guy saw me then ran away in the battle

his level 79 milotic against my level 100 electivire equals him runnin away

my battle was against some guy that had 2 tyranitars,mewtwo,metagross,luxray,and scizor

my team was electivire,gallade,roserade,darkrai,dusknoir,dialga

electivire beat the 1st tyranitar

hit mewtwo wit thunderpunch but died when hit with psychic

i sent gallade against against mewtwo

he used shadow ball but i took the hit

i used night slash mewtwo fainted

he used metagross

i used night slash but it onlt did a little

he used meteor mash

gallade fainted

i sent out Dialga

i used earth power

he used earthquake

i used aura sphere he fainted

next he used scizor

i used earth power

he tried to be slick and used counter but earth power is special not physical

so scizor fainted

lastly he had luxray

i used earth power and he fainted

so i win!!

i am goin there again on monday

to kick more ass in pokemon lol

the white guy looked like bill clinton and u could tell he was an ultra geek dweeb nerd loser assface lol


Pokemon Diamond -road to 5 star trainer card

I recently finshed the battle tower in diamond

after getting 100 straight wins i got my third trainer star

the battle tower is vastly harder

as the strategies of the AI get better,they use semi legends like zapdos,cresselia,and regigigas

so far i have three out of the 5 needed

u get one for beating the elite four,one for gettin 100 wins straight int he battle tower,beat all contests on master level,and for doin some flag thing underground

i am headin for the 4th star now

later friends

P.S they cheat like hell at the battle tower

Pokemon Diamond

Its been a while

damn its been LONG while

i got pokemon diamond   destroyed it and i am awaiting battles wit friends

the game is hella fun and much more challenging with the special physical split

to all my friends readin this blog

i say 2 u whats poppin and get ready for summer

i will fix my profile since its nearly naked with content lol

this time the theme is mortal kombat

so when i finish it

GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! to my blog! lol


P.S the joke was kinda corny but bear with me lol

Birthday passed and new game

Well the funniest Starrfox is back

my birthday was on the 21st and i turned 16

i bought Mk Armageddon and destroyed it in two days even on max difficulty

i hung out wit my older brother and basaically had a hell of time

Also u know me when it comes to stories so i am currently writing two and when they are done i shall post them

i went to a underground tournament for nauto clash of ninja

and won!!

i got like 1000 dollars but gave it to someone who needed it

and that was just about it

hang around for my next blog

peace out